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The_Son_Of_Nyx's Blog

The Hero of Rylenia (Wip)

Name: Heather Treya De'Leone

Age: 40

Race: Half-Human, Half Elf

Gender: Female

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Martial status: Widowed

Family: Mother- Persephone Marie Damascus (Deceased)
Father- Jareth Treewillow (Whereabouts unknown)
Step Father- Nathaniel Alexander Damascus (Deceased)
Younger Brother- Korvold Leonidas Damascus (Alive)
Husband- Jason William De'Leone (Deceased)
Oldest Son- Philip Lawrence De'Leone (Alive, 20 years old and current King of Rylenia)
Youngest Son- Jason Korvold De'Leone (Alive and 16 years old)

Apperance: She uses her long hair to cover up the fact that she has slightly pointed ears.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Likes: Sparring, Horseback riding, Beaches, Festivals, Sweets, and spending time with her boys

Dislikes: Liars, Cheats, Scoundrels, Snobby nobles, and evil hearted people

Hates: Losing those she loves

Personality: Fiery, Good hearted, quick thinking, energetic, loving, motherly, and honest

Known languages: Common (English), Elvish

Powers: Well she can take a hit and dish it out, she ages slower than humans due to her elvish blood, she has enchanted armor that increases her defense and resistance against magic, and she is an expert horseback rider.

Weapons: Flametounge- A flaming sword said to be able to cut through armor easily due to the heat of the flames. It also grants its wielder to not be harmed by flames that haven't been tampered with by other effects like necrotic energy (hint hint wink wink).

Backstory: Heather was born from an affair the Queen of Damascus had on King Nathaniel. She was born half elven, but has hidden the fact for her years as to not "Tarnish the Damascus name". From this she has had a very rough relationship with her step-father, however when she was eight years old she had a little brother. Which she couldn't help but love those chubby cheeks Korvold had. Heather acted as a second mother to Korvold teaching him many things and most importantly making sure he grew up to be kind and not as snobby as his father.
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The Fae-Cursed King

Name: Korvold Leonidas Damascus

Age: 32

Race: Cursed Human (I will discuss the curse in the backstory)

Gender: Male

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Marital status: Widowed

Family: Father- Nathaniel Alexander Damascus (Deceased)
Mother- Persephone Marie Damascus (Deceased)
Older Sister- Heather Treya De'Leone (Married off to a foreign kingdom)
Wife- Gwyndolin Teresa Damascus (Deceased)
Daughter- Lilian Persephone Damascus (Missing, can be someone's character instead)

Appearance: Full Draconic Form-
Half-Draconic Form- , The glowing eye is the same orange as his full draconic form. Also the horns are the same as his full draconic for instead. His hands are covered in the same smoky, gray scales and has black talons at the end of each finger. He has a tail and his match his draconic form.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Nearing the fall to evil)

Likes: Offerings, Treasure, revenge, music specifically stringed symphonies

Dislikes: Jesters, Clowns, Annoyances

Hates: Fey, specifically Hags but has general hatred for them now due to his curse. Also hates the flute, it hurts his ears.

Personality: Was- Benevolent, kind, good hearted, willing to sacrifice anything for his people, eager, hopeful, and energetic
Now- Bitter, Spiteful, Hate-filled, Grim, Depressed and bloodthirsty. However, deep down, the old Korvold is still within him.

Known langauges: Common (English), Sylvan (Fey's langauge), and Draconic

Powers: Before the curse, Korvold was an exceptional leader and tactician. He learned how to wield a lance and how to ride on horseback from the knights that served his father, he wasn't the best but he could definitely survive a battle. Now after the curse, he has been given draconic powers. Normal weapons can not pierce his tough scales, they must be magical in nature to even do damage and they may still have a hard time at that. He can expel flames from his mouth in both of his forms, but his full draconic form's is significantly stronger than his half form. His flame is also unique as it has some necrotic property that seems to weigh heavy on a very persons life force. His strength and endurance have increased greatly allowing to complete feats of strength no ordinary man could. He now also has the immortal lifespan of a dragon.

Weakness: He will do anything to kill the hag that cursed him, so he can be manipulated to doing the deeds of someone who can prove they provide him with the means of taking the head of that hag. There is a weapon said to be able to cut through dragons as though their scales were paper-thin, it is the dwarven forged axe known simply as Dragonslayer. So if you wish to kill him, you know what you must seek.

Weapons: An iron halberd he had forged specifically for giving fey a painful death.

Backstory: Korvold, son of Nathaniel and current king of Damascus the kingdom his kin have ruled over for generations. Korvold ascended to the throne at the ripe age of seventeen, after his father had been killed in an honorable death on the battlefield. Korvold was a natural leader and led his people to win the war his father's death had placed in his responsibility. He had drove back the kingdom of Theila, an old adversary of Damascus, and secured his claim to the throne in the hearts of the people. Korvold had quite an active career as king, as many fellow kingdoms yearned to have the area of land that Damascus held. If had fertile soil and prime conditions year long for farming, Damascus also had large deposits of iron. Overall, Damascus has always boasted a large economy due to it's heavily rich amounts of vital resources. Korvold made use of this by attempting to make trade with a nearby kingdom that had always been more neutral with known as Alexandria. This is where he had met the woman who he would marry solidifying Alexandria's and Damascus's alliance.
Princess Gwyndolin was a fair maiden, but was much more of the scholarly sort. Even though their marriage was to be an arranged one, Korvold felt genuine love towards her, Korvold had been known to be a energetic and passionate young man and she seemed to "Tame the dragon" Korvold had been known to be. Gwydolin returned the feeling greatly finding "Adorable and sweet". Before they married, Korvold would sneak into her chambers as though they were young lovers and they weren't to be married. Their marriage was celebrated by both kingdoms with festivals for weeks and not to long after the festivities were over, it was announced that an heir to the throne had been conceived. All was happy within the kingdom, that was until the Thielians attacked once again. This war was much more bloodier than last since the Thielians had employed dark magic to help them in their war. The kingdom of Alexandria had to pull out of the war after suffering many losses in the war, they provided resources to Damascus but could not bear to suffer any more casualties. Damascus had been holding back the Thielians valiantly with the tactical leadership of Korvold, though because of the dark magic things were looking grim for Korvold and the kingdom of Damascus.
During a meeting in the throne room, on a particularly stormy night, Korvold had rose his voice at his council, "I refuse to be the final king of Damascus! Surrendering is not an option on the table!" With that, the thunder roared and shook the castle. This caused Lilian to cry in her mother's arms and a figure stood at the door of the throne room.
An old, decrepit woman slowly lurched her way towards the throne, while saying in a low toned and raspy voice, "Greetings mighty Korvold, the Dragon of Damascus. I have noticed the Thielians have been quite a problem for you, might I come with an offer for you to be able to end this war in favor of Damascus?" Korvold had looked at this woman as if she was crazy, "How did you enter here? This is a private meeting. Guards!" She giggles and begins to cough excessively before saying, " Oh don't worry they won't be bothering our meeting, don't worry they aren't dead just preoccupied. I am Henrietta Veinleg and I am a powerful Fey witch. I can offer you the power to defeat Thielia and secure the safety of Damascus." Korvold did not answer right away, but there was obvious contemplation on his face, "But what is the cost? There is always a cost witch." The hag smiled and said, "Trust me the cost will only be to you, none of your subjects will be harmed." Korvold's face was stoic but his eyes were obviously distraught with the decision. He gave a sigh and felt he should make choice and take the cost for the betterment of his people. He wanted his daughter to have a happy future to rule over, "Very well witch, I accept your deal. Do what you must." The hag laughs as green chains hold down everyone in the room, "Good my little king, then I will be taking this." She teleports in front of the queen and attempts to take Lilian. Alexandria fought to hold onto the child, the hag snickers and stabs the queen through the heart with her claws and takes hold of the child. Korvold screamed out in rage and emotional pain, "NO YOU WICKED BITCH! YOU PROMISED NOT TO HARM ANYONE, UNHAND MY CHILD!" He writhed in the chains trying to strike at the hag. She maniacally laughs as she walks up in front of Korvold, "I kept my promise, I did not harm you Subjects. Your wife is you equal and I am bringing no harm to your child, I am just taking her for safe keeping. Now shoo Dragon of Damascus, you have another war to win." She pokes his forehead and laughs before disappearing with a crying Lilian. The chains fade as Korvold drops to the floor screaming in agony while grasping the sides of his head. Little bumps form on his forehead before a pair of ivory white horns covered in his own blood come out of his head. He begins to writhe and convulse on the ground as bones pop in and out of place painfully as Korvold screams in both anger and immense pain. His form becomes more and more reptilian as his clothes begin to shred as he rapidly grows in size and his skin begins to change into smoky gray scales. The last thing is a pair of large wings form from his now complete dragon form. Korvold lets out a wrathful roar before crashing through the ceiling of his throne room. Korvold does not remember the exact details of what he did that night, for he had blacked out. However when he awoke, he was at what was the complete rubble of the Thielian castle as he saw everything around him burning and destroyed. He was now in his half form on his knees with the head of the Thielian king in his lap. Tears were streaming down Korvold's face as he couldn't believe what he had done. His wife was dead and his child gone all because of his own foolishness. He looked up as the rain began to fall, he screamed in agony and hatred as fire bellowed out of his mouth. The Thielian kingdom had fallen, their land reduced to ash and due to the magic properties of Korvold's flame, rendered inhospitable. The few survivors of that night, were forced into becoming nomadic travelers and all would tell the tale of Dread Dragon who came without warning. As for Korvold, he stays in his castle plotting his revenge against the hag, and deep down hopes he can rescue his child. Though it has been many years and his hopes have been anything but high. Damascus still stands, and even though Korvold has changed his dedication to his kingdom hasn't.

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The Fractured Demon (Wip)

Name: Mephistopheles

Title: Owner of Forbidden Knowledge

Race: Demon

Sin: Pride

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Sex: Can change depending on how he feels

Sexuality: Pansexual

Apperance: demon form-
Human form-

P.O.B: Heaven

Known languages: Can understand and speak all languages

Personality: Mephisto- Calm, collected, manipulative, tactical, cold, sadistic, cunning
Pheles- Passionate, Hot headed, easily-angered, brash, and bloodthirsty

Powers: Supernatural strength, endurance, and speed, flight, greater magical powers than most of his fellow demons, expert swordsmanship,
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The Tarnished One

Name: Altarius

Title: The Forgotten Knight


Race: Human

Class: Fighter (Champion)

Gender: Male

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Demisexual, Panromantic

Appearance: , he very rarely takes off his armor so his appearance underneath will be stated in roleplay.

Personality: Solemn, calm, quiet, and level headed

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Likes: he doesn't remember

Dislikes: He remembers something about snakes

Hates: having random flashbacks

Weapons: A greatsword he primarily wields, but he also has a broad sword and shield as a secondary weapon.

Powers: He seems like a normal mortal but he is able to wield a greatsword with ease suggesting he has inhuman strength. He has also been able to take hits and keep fighting from things that would surely kill a normal man in a single blow.

Backstory: Altarius doesn't remember anything except for waking up one day on a scorched field, himself being covered in ash. He couldn't remember his own name, he just found the name Altarius engraved on the pommel of his greatsword. Currently Altarius is a wandering warrior, lost and is desperate to remember his past. Though he has no leads to follow other than the occasional disruptive, painful flashback. Though he doesn't understand why it is so painful of a memory for him.

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The Eternal Rider

Name: Jedidiah "Jed" Bradshaw

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Gender: Male

Race: Undead Human

Ethnicity: Half Navajo and half Irish American

Appearance: Day form- Dark brown, nearly black hair that is neatly cut being shaved on the sides and the top being neatly trimmed. He has beautiful deep blue eyes. Has tan skin and his build is fairly average for the time. Perhaps he is slightly thinner average.
Night Form-

Personality: Witty, Sarcastic, superstitious, crafty, and a flirt

Likes: Booze, women, money, not getting shot, anytime after sunrise but before midnight

Dislikes: Being shot, dying

Hates: Small spaces

Fears: Claustrophobia

Powers: He's an expert marksman with guns, has knowledge about herbal medicine, a real mean left hook and to his knowledge he can't die. Well at least death is temporary until midnight. At midnight on every night, except a night of a new moon, he will rise up in an undead form or he will simply appear as his undead form. Then at sunrise he will assume his human appearance once again.

Weapons: His Winchester 1873 lever action rifle, Colt single action army revolver, a 12 gauge coach gun, and a hunting knife

Backstory: Jed lived a fairly normal for a man living out in the western part of the United States during the 1800s. He grew up on a ranch out west with his dad and mom. His father, an Irish immigrant who moved out west working on the railroads until he could buy property, taught him how to shoot guns and how to ride horses. His mother, a native from the Navajo tribe, taught her the tales of her people and imparted onto him her superstition. Now when Jed had turned 20, he had decided to stop ranching with his family and wanted to travel the west as a bounty hunter. Rounding up criminals, making money, and gaining glory sounded amazing though his mother said one thing to him before he left. She had said: "Son if you leave now for the reasons you have now, you will be cursed by the spirits to wander past your time to go to rest. However, if you stay, you will live an honest life and gaining your due rest at the end of it." Jed didn't take his mother's warning and went 5 whole years thinking what she said was bullsh*t. That was until one day, while pursuing a bounty in a horseback chase, he was fatally shot in the chest. Though this did not spell the end for Jed. The pale moonlight of the full moon engulfed his body and the words of his mother echoed around him as slowly arose to his feet. When he first found out about this pseudo immortality, he was excited and thought this was amazing but he has slowly began to hate it as he realized the greater scope and meaning of what this curse has done to him. So he is now looking for a way to regain his mortality so he can rest in peace finally.

Quote: "Go ahead shoot me, see what happens. I'm just as excited as you are for you to pull that trigger boy."

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