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20 / Male / Single
Connecticut - United States
Greetings and salutations friends, I am the Son of Nyx the mistress of night. I roleplay many different genres and characters. I look forward to roleplaying with you all and keep an eye out in my blog for my rules and characters. But now for a little bit about me:
- I have been roleplaying for over 6 years now
- I am a massive nerd for Star Wars, Comics, and anime
- I am a dm for Dungeons and Dragons, so I make completely custom universes for fun, so come at me with any ideas you have
- I only roleplay with 18+ people, sorry kiddos but I like having dark themes in my roleplays
- I'm from Indiana but live in Connecticut so I apologize if my midwestern speech leaks into our messages, I promise its even worse in person.

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You know I feel like having some fun, I want to have people guess my job! So I will give some vague hints and I will dm anyone who is correct. I will heart people who are close to being correct. So here's the hints:
-My appearance everyday is important
-I work everyday of the week except saturdays and sundays (But that can change easily)
- I work with computer systems but I also can have a hands on job and have to fix everything I work on
-Finally I travel a lot
What am
1  May 18th 2022 19:30

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