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(Ben Drowned)
22 / Male / In a Relationship
The Mansion, United States
► You met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

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"Fake Friends: Say, "Love ya" jokingly.
Real Friends: Say, "I love you" and mean it.
Fake Friends: Will sit with you after a breakup and say, "I'm sorry."
Real Friends: Will call them and ask what their problem is before devising a plan to destroy them.
Fake Friends: Will read this.
Real Friends: Will steal this.
There are some people who are getting too fake here on Roleplay me. They only want posts, comments, or see how many friends they can get. So let's see who actually reposts this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend's list actually pay attention. Copy and repost this in your bulletin."
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Latest Status

I’m back home will reply to everyone eventually before I fall asleep or when I wake up if I forget
2  Oct 13th 2019 00:34

Latest Questions

Q. I love chu :3
A. I luv chu too :3 <3
 Oct 12th 2019 23:24

Q. Baaabbbeee
A. Yes
 Oct 12th 2019 23:01

Latest Comments

Is that Merlin from Fate?
Sep 26th 2019 00:55

I love Love Like You-
great choice!
Sep 12th 2019 21:24

I posted my discord
Aug 25th 2019 21:53

Wanna continue on discord?
Aug 25th 2019 21:35

May 18th 2019 02:49

"Do not listen to her! She has told EJ a bunch of lies about us and now he has joined Zalgo!"
Apr 30th 2019 20:37

"Ben...crap has hit the fan but I just came to pre-warn you...if that crazy psycho clown by the name of Jill finds you, stay the hell away from her!"
Apr 30th 2019 20:34

Benny! Wedding! Now!
Apr 29th 2019 18:17

" Well, I challenge you to Tetris!!! "
-she threw her fist in the air-
Apr 24th 2019 07:25

" How is our favorite gamer boy?? "
-she smiles brightly-
Apr 23rd 2019 19:13