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Nice meeting?

Since the first meeting wasn't the best they decided to have the situation more under the eyes. Mako decided to make Zixuan organize a party at the Zhendong mansion, he invited some young lords of the country and obviously Min to pass have some fun.
Maybe it was Mako to send the invitation to Min. But the same her and Yichuan goes to another residence and leaves everything on Zixuan.

The party is at 20 at Zhendong mansion.
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2 | 39 Comments | Mar 20th 2021 17:32


Yeah they are still investigating, there is someone that iced the arms of some soldiers.
He disliked that matter but now he is going to be really angry... There is a corpse. Unfortunately an imperial guard and some are wounded. He dislikes that everyone see this matters.
He obviously doesn't know why he was killed but what is strange is that he is not only covered with ice, he is inside a piece of ice. Like an ice tomb. There is no doubt that the person is always the same but now is worse, there is a corpse.
Now they need to take that jerk for sure and where can you find someone better than the avatar of secrets to investigate on this strange matter. Francis told Yichuan about his powers and started to help him when he can. (Francis is still a little psycho but the best way to remain covered is help the police.)

The ice piece seems almost unbreakable and it became a place where a lot people go, also if the guards tries to keep people out.

On the other side Boon Me is missing, he returned strange from the travel and Jormag is not patient at all.

Francis is looking at the ice trying to get any clue of what happened and why. Touch the ice is not wise so it's a little harder for him.
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1 | 17 Comments | Sep 17th 2020 10:44

Dog? Not exactly

He went to talk with Sao as planned and before to go he had an idea, Lani seemed to know so well the different species so he asked him to study Yorokobi and tell him what is it.
Aiden barely talks and he doesn't seem to be pretending so Yichuan is confused if he is a spy or not.

Yichuan left a command to Yoro, to listen to Lani and follows his commands and he will try his best...
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1 | 19 Comments | Aug 5th 2020 16:37

Time for a break?

Did he ever take a break from the time he become Daejang? Why take a break when you are doing the work of your dreams?
He suspects they are planning something sending him away, also IGs. Is he too strict? He hopes they will continue to work well without him or he will be even more a**hole at the return.
He started the construction of a villa on Earth and it is the right moment to go to see it, casually it was ended some days before his arrive and it is ready.

He just arrived and the first thing he thinks about is "Oh right my brother was punched". He sends a invitation for a dinner at his place to Tihao. Obviously anyone can come.
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1 | 26 Comments | Jun 12th 2020 16:37

Discussion with the ministers.

It was a long discussion since in front of the proofs the ministers like if their sons ccx were saints.
What shocked Yichuan the most was Minister Lee that in front of the fact that his son drugged another guy he just told "They are young boys, let'snot take it seriously" and then said also "After all it was an half breed, not someone that can sue my son in any way. If he is unwell here he can just return to the north". In the end the dear minister isn't that wise, a man that didn't follow the rules said inappropriate words. Yichuan didn't replied anything bad against him, he didn't want people to suspect of him xD.
Some nights after their meeting the poor minister got attacked in a secondary road, probably bandits since they took all the money he had on him (Not the kind of bandits who left value things behind).
The case wasn't complicate, it was close fast, a robbery that went bad or this is what people thought.

But there is something else, why Francis would go away from home? Because he wanted to follow TenZu to control him? In reality is totally different, Francis decided to go away from home because hearing the minister's words he thought that he is a burden for Yichuan. It is not the first time that they use him against Yichuan but now he cannot stand it anymore.
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2 | 28 Comments | Apr 12th 2020 12:49