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(Blake Belladonna )
21 / Female / Single
New York - United States

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All girls pls watch out for @BoHornTheMinotaur
This guy is a jackass and a joke.

-Pls repost-
Mood: angry
2  May 29th 2019 21:05

Latest Questions

Q. "Can I tickle your ears sometime? Doesn't matter which of the two sets~"
A. I don’t mind, though I prefer my cat ears.
 Jul 30th 2018 17:47

Dinoguy asked the question
Q. Why don't you talk to
A. Well then let's fix it!!! Without you spamming my questions
 Apr 15th 2017 01:12

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Thank you for becoming my friend! If you could please have a look at my rules and blog I would greatly appreciate it. I am an MCRP meaning I play many different characters and on occasion will take requests for a characters. Again Thank you for becoming my friend, I look forward to the wonderful stories we can create together
Jul 30th 2016 22:43