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(Lingzhi Lucidum)
29 / Female / Single
''My darling, this forest could be your new home, rest, close your eyes and let the worries melt away, there is nothing to fear as long as you are here, because now you are safe here with me. Nothing can harm you as long as you respect the forest and those who live here. ''

KEEP IN MIND! The information in my account will always be based off my characters, NOT me IRL.

Some basic information on me: I go by He/Him, I am over 18 years. I only Roleplay here. Yes, all the drawings were made by me.

My page is centered around fantasy, horror and gore, but I can Roleplay about nearly anything. Feel free to ask for any sort of story and let's see what we can do!

Even though I rather write in full pragraphs (usually around 2+) I won't judge because of how long the posts you make are, anyone with any amount of experience is welcome! Don't worry about the ships you wish to make, I can play any gender!

I know most of you don't like reading bios that are too long, so I got 4 simple Rules:

1. If you add me, please do not ghost me. Pretty simple, if you add me, text me, if I add you I will text you first, it's not that hard.

2. Be patient, if I do not answer in the same day as you text me, is because I'm busy, I love being here, but remember that I am still a real human who is busy or is simply not feeling well every once in a while.

3. Be kind and you will be treated with kindness. I'm actually very friendly, but I don't appreciate pushy people. No means no.

4. This is more a suggestion more than a rule, but whatever. I rather be approached OOC, we can establish a nice story if we plan before going to it directly!

Don't be afraid to reach me in my private messages, got any questions or want to start a RP with me? You know exactly what to do.