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The_Dark_One's Blog

The Young Siren

First Name(s): Jordan
Last Name: Jacks
Nickname: JJ

Age: (Depends on RP)
Age appearance: (Depends on Age)
Gender: Female

Class: Low-class
Species: Siren
Nationality: American
Birthday: 13/01/(depends on RP)
Personality: Jordan Jacks is a sweet girl gone wrong. She is a playful young girl who doesn’t know what she wants from life. She is slightly flirtatious and has been known to sleep around. She is Bisexual but has a stronger affection towards females

Weight: 109 lbs

Hairstyle: Long and curly, reaches down to her waist
Hair Colour: Strawberry Blonde, dyed black
Highlights: N/A
Facial Hair: N/A
Eyes colour: Bright green
Eye shape: Normal
Body build: Lean and feminine
Body type: Petite hourglass frame with a small muscular frame
Skin Tone: Golden tanned
Facial tattoos: N/A
Body tattoos: Harp on her right shoulder
Body piercings: N/A
Facial piercings: Earrings
Facial Scars: N/A
Body scars: N/A
Language: English

Mom: Unknown
Status: Dead
Dad: Unknown
Status: Dead

Powers: Can control streams, manipulation through voice

Specialty: Manipulating people by using her voice

Weapons: Her voice

Likes: Singing, dancing, clubbing, flirting

Dislikes: Fire, warm areas

Weakness: Fire
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The Last Daemon

Not many things is known about this ancient creature apart from ancient subscriptions and scrolls. here is what we know about the last living Daemon.

First Name(s): Markus Steven
Last Name: White
Nickname: Mark

Age: Unknown
Age appearance: 22
Gender: Male

Class: High Class Supernatural
Species: Daemon
Nationality: Unknown but appears to be American
Birthday: Unknown
Personality: Nothing is known about this mysterious figure except that he shows his face when there is a supernatural incident.

Weight: 123 lbs

Hairstyle: Short
Hair Colour: Raven black
Facial Hair:
Eyes colour: Blue
Eye shape: normal
Body build: Masculine
Body type: Lean and skinny yet slightly muscular
Skin Tone: White
Facial tattoos: N/A
Body tattoos: Red dragon surrounded by gothic flames an black roses (right arm)
Body piercings: N/A
Facial piercings: N/A
Facial Scars: N/A
Body scars: N/A
Language: All

Mom: Unknown
Status: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
Status: Unknown

Powers: To be discovered

Specialty: To be discovered

Weapons: N/A

Likes: To be discovered

Dislikes: To be discovered

Weakness: To be discovered
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