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(Kol Mikaelson)
24 / Male / Single
New Orleans , Louisiana - United States
I am a orginal

Once human but became a orginal vampire after my first death. Died again and again. Death simply comes and goes for me ;)

I love to drink and count my kills

I tend to cause more issues for my siblings than any other. I can't help it, it's in our nature to kill and I have understood that since the day we became vampires.

I might have a thing for someone but I might not. I'm not going to show weakness in that deparment unlike my siblings.

Basically that's it darling ;)

Ps. I always come back !

Latest Status

// I shall return on thanksgiving, I work 10 hour shifts so I don't got the time or the energy to roleplay. I will try my best to replies on Thursday aka Thanksgiving
Mood: bummed
3  Nov 23rd 2020 02:50

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