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(Travis Bickle)
26 / Male / Single
New York - United States
I'm a veteran of the Vietnam War, unfortunately i got PTSD due to the traumatic events of the battles.
I had to change my life, to find a purpose for it. So i decided to become a taxi driver in the nights of New York City. HOWEVER IT'S NOT ENOUGH.
I NEED to change my life.
Damn! Again, i can't sleep!
That girl (Iris) will be saved.
Betsy will notice me someday.

...And the loser became a hero in the end.

OOC Info: I roleplay mainly Action and Suspense but i'm also open to Romance. When it comes to Romance roleplays, i'm ok with both MxF or MxM, despite Travis being straight. So, i think that's it.

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Q. You still on
A. Hi. I don't know if i appeared as online, but i was busy with some stuff. Perhaps i appeared online because i left the page open, idk. I'm sending my reply as soon as possible. :D
 Feb 18th 2023 17:49

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I replied! ^^
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