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(Otto Octavius)
45 / Male / In Love
New York - United States
Tangled In @SilkSpider's Web

Using a brain-swapping Octobot, Otto Octavius transplanted his mind into the body of his nemesis Spider-Man. He retained all of Peter's memories, and thus was able to fool all of Peter's family and friends, from Mary Jane and Aunt May to the Avengers. Peter's mind, meanwhile, was placed into Octavius' dying body.

After realizing Peter, in Doc Ock's body, escaped the Raft, Otto decided to keep every person Peter knew in a safe room in the Stark Tower and waited for Doctor Octopus alone there, by distracting the other Avengers with giant Octobots around the globe, knowing that Peter would seek for help to Tony Stark. Both enemies battled until both fell from the Tower into the ground, fatally wounding Peter (Otto's body). When Peter tried to use the brain-swapping Octobot, Otto revealed him that he was using a Carbonadium helmet, making his brain totally inaccessible for changing brains. Otto declared his final victory against Parker by giving him a lethal punch which caused "Doctor Octopus" to give his last breaths.

Both then discovered that the Octobot managed to connect their minds although it could not swap them, and Peter forced Otto to relive his most suffering experiences and memories as Spider-Man, making him realize the responsibility his power came with. Otto told Peter he not wanted this, but they could not change bodies back. Finally, Otto promised Peter to continue his legacy both as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Later, he not only realized he could become a better Spider-Man, but also a better man than who he once was as Doctor Octopus, to become a superior Spider-Man to Peter Parker.

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"I will stop at nothing until this city has been cleansed from all crime!"
5  Mar 23rd 2020 23:38

Latest Questions

Q. "Otto...let me ask you something. You've staked your claim before as the Superior Spider-Man. Were you always the only Spider-Man of your world?"
A. "I have been the only Spider-Man in my dimension, from the moment I had swapped bodies with him, and trapped him in my former decaying shell... long story. Why has this peeked your interest, exactly?"
 Jan 1st 2020 22:08

Q. [Text]
"Otto, will you be moving into the penthouse apartments a few blocks away from Oscorp headquarters? Several high ranking members of my staff typically take up residence there."
A. {Text}
"I may need some time to grab what is essential to my arsenal. But you have my word, Osborn, that I will make my stay in the new HQ."
 Dec 13th 2019 22:35

Latest Comments

"THEN HOW ARE WE ANY DIFFERENT?! HUH?! I don't know who you are... But Peter Parker WOULD NEVER say that, ever.

I KNOW he wouldn't do that... Cause with great power, comes great responsibility." He lectured, walking off.
Nov 9th 2018 09:54

"Putting him back In jail? Yes." He glared...

This..Killers attitude was becoming annoying..He'd sit on a garbage can sighing... The broken rib wasn't helping.
Nov 8th 2018 16:43

"..." He'd sigh, this was crazy, this was... impossible? But so were they both.

He'd sigh as he eventually shook it off. "That's the thing...I need a favor." He looked at the other.
Nov 8th 2018 14:30

"...I wanna believe you Peter...I want too...But the signs say it...You aren't Peter Parker..." He'd put the black head piece on, walking towards the window.
Nov 7th 2018 19:04

"...I wanna believe you Peter...I want too...But the signs say it...You aren't Peter Parker..." He'd put the black head piece on, walking towards the window.
Nov 7th 2018 19:04

"...Since he was a genius i believe it possible, now beyond those of Doom or dare I say even shocker? Maybe not..But I know how my friend behaves...We've been trying hold this city together for awhile now...So...Tell me your name..." He hoped he was wrong, in a fight right now? He'd lose. Even at 100% it would take everything Matty had to beat Peter...He'd just stare...
Nov 7th 2018 15:18

....Foggy had someone examine the scene for him, a friend of Brett's, and they did find evidence of some..Helmet?

He'd stare...

"....You're hearts a little...Funny, your behaviorism is completely different...And your criticism isn't joking, nor have you done any jokes...And the Peter I know would never think of killing anyone... So...Is this Peter...Or octavius?" He'd stare...He wasn't happy.
Nov 7th 2018 15:09

"Octavius was a good man...Just misguided.

But I'm just a lawyer Peter, not...Tony Stark." He chuckled as he offered his hand, trying hide the fact he was holding his side, a bandaged wound was healing...

"Thank you for holding down your side of New York... I'm trying get Fisk behind bars, but it's taking time.."
Nov 7th 2018 14:54

"Fisk had someone go around in that outfit, murdering people...I'm not that person Peter...But I heard with happen with Otto...You okay?" He was listening...It was his friends voice...eyes...Body...But something was... Different, the what felt like technical critism...The way his heart...sounded, Matt shrugged It off.
Nov 7th 2018 14:42

"Peter." He'd show up through the window , his vigilante black outfit donned... He was worried about his new friend...
Nov 7th 2018 12:12