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14 / Male / Single
Nuketown Nevada 2025, To your mothers - United States
Hey,How Are You guys
Make sure to ask for Ocs
I cannot play cannon characters...Sorry .-.
if i don't reply it means im sleeping,at school,Gaming,ect
Here is some stuff bout me B)
Fav Games:Apex,VRchat,Rec room,Gun Raiders,BO2,Fortnite,Counter Strike,TF2, Modern Warfare 2,Battlefeild 4
Fav Animes:Himoto Umaru-Chan,K-ON!!,Love chunibyo and other delusions,Dragon Maid,MHA,Lucky Star,Ouran Host High School club,Monster Museum,Konosuba,Helltaker and DDLC
Fav Shows/Web series:BFDI,CrazyMarioBros the series,Chikn Nuggit,SMG4,Robot Chicken,Arthur,TAWOG,SML,ASDFmovie,countryhumans and Spongebob.
Fav Songs:Eminem-sing for the moment,TOP-My Blood,Imagine Dragons-Digital,XXX-Carry on,Juice Wrld-Robbery,Logic-Homocide,Lil Darkie-Baby me, A14-Chemical head, BLCKK-Playing with fire
So Yeah... I am probally a nerd lmao
If you chill,Send me a request!
I Mostly Use Daniel cause i like him
Have A Good Day Everyone!

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(They both go away)
Apr 26th 2022 19:48

Stolas: Me or your sister?

Lillie: (Goes away)
Apr 26th 2022 19:43

Stolas: Dont tell Blitzy that I am in here-

Lillie: (Walks in too) Ayo what the hell?!
Apr 26th 2022 19:41

(Sorry, it wont let me type in our chat)

Lillie: (hugs Danny) it isnt your fault...
Apr 26th 2022 19:37

It did it to me too.
Apr 24th 2022 17:46

Cheers!((Does a cheers with the holy koolaid)
Feb 14th 2022 20:31

Oct 5th 2021 19:49