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(Kaito Shion)
17 / Male / In a Relationship
a bit broken but still ok, United States
(If you add me you message first, I will do the same if I add you)
My name is Kaito. (You can call me Kai-chan or Kai Kai though)
I am the "failure" of the Vocaloids. (but idc so ehhhh)
A bit flirty at times, but I'm really just a guy who loves hugging my friends, heh.
>I'm pansexual! wheeeee~< I DO NOT DO ERO RPS!
Please try to be descriptive in rp- at least 2-3 lines. I will try my best to match your length.

Plots and OCs:

I am a Vocaloid who enjoys singing, playing Project DIVA, ice cream (aisu~!), and keeping my English skills in check!

A message for all my friends:
If you're having a bad day, talk to me. If you have something that you feel like you have to tell somebody or you'll freak out, you can tell me.
I'll listen to your problems and try to comfort you as best I can. I can sing you a song.
Or if you're having a good day and you still want to talk or want me to sing for you, just let me know.
I want to be here for you guys the same way you're here for me.

SHOUTOUT CORNER: @Astera - My amazing girlfriend. She is actually one of my fans and always reminds me how it isn't my failures that define me. She is by my side no matter what, and one of the most loving people I know. Hurt her and you will regret it!

@KillerSans - I stole a Sans and she is the most wonderful person I met along with my gf, we always cheer each other up and throw ice cream at each other. She’s my “twin sister” as well as my Master and I love her to pieces, hurt her and I will rip you apart then feed your guts to Banika Conchita

@Your_SlaveBoy1817 is my little pet. I am his Master and is you hurt him you will pay with some organs of yours~~
@darlinchild is my big sister! Dont hurt her!
@DesiresOfTheIncubus is my big brother! Dont hurt him!
@LittleSisterRinShion is my little sister! Hurt her and I rip your arm off!
@The_Moonie is my precious other little sister, you mess with her and I feed you to Conchita

My older sister has an account on here: @EatTheDamnFood

Shoutout to all my friends, you guys are amazing :D

--♥♥♥♥put this on your
-♥♥--♥♥Wall if you have
-♥♥--♥♥ Or suffer with
-♥♥--♥♥ (Depression)
--♥♥♥♥ (Suicidal thoughts)
---♥♥♥ (Anxiety)
--♥♥♥♥ (self-harm)
-♥♥--♥♥ Or any
♥♥----♥♥Mental illness

If you read all the way to the bottom, have some ice cream!

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I'm a computer
I'm a computery guy
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Q. It is fine, I am used to it, It doesn't hurt me either, I get lied to for A living, I am fine with this.
A. Sorry....
 Mar 18th 2019 21:53

Q. So you would lie to me?
I see...I should have known that.
A. That’s for you to figure out...apologies.
 Mar 18th 2019 21:34

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I will upload it tomorrow.
19 hours ago

Do you have anything in mind or just go for it?
19 hours ago

Hey Katio, can I make you a custom baby? Just tell me what gender,age, or species (Neko, superpowered, etc.) you want.
20 hours ago

You could be fed with tiny little teaspoons of ice cream~~~!!
Mar 21st 2019 21:23

don't even ask me why i have this
Mar 21st 2019 21:08

I’m not edgy I swear
Mar 17th 2019 21:22

Your right on that one
Mar 16th 2019 22:09

Yep friends
Mar 16th 2019 19:52

I love you too kai chan~
Mar 16th 2019 19:46

Of course!
Mar 16th 2019 19:13