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(Harry Osborn)
19 / Male / Single
Queens, New York - United States
Harry, Son of Norman Osborn. Father shipped me me off at age twelve, got out at 18. Inherited his hideous disease and his company, I'm dying but at least I got his money. Ex friend of that wretched Spiderman, so if you see him tell him I say, well, it's probably better I not say it here...

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Feeling his embrace gave her more comfort, than she had ever anticipated.

With his taller height, and frame bigger than her own. It was like he was he sanctuary in that moment.

Following him, she kept her face down. She didn't want him to see it. She didn't want to break, and cry. She just wanted to go.

With jacket given for comfort to cover her. Emily gripped it, before she noticed him opening his mouth to speak.

With a gently grab to his hand. She actually pleaded. " it's not worth it...please don't--" she spoke.
6 hours ago

It shouldn't had taken half as long, as it did....but somehow, it turned out that way. After a couple of photos, the female had been pulled off, into and isolated exhibit by Jacob, her stepfather. And by natural observation he wasn't happy.

But, with the pills already set in motion, within her system. Emily could barely focus on the male's anger.

" You're supposed to stay sober-- but look at you!" He snapped, roughly grabbing her fore arm, and yanking her close.

" You're pupils are so dialated you can't even f***ing understand what I'm saying.." he sneered. Causing her to try to push him away.

" It's-it's just a f***ing party..let me be--" she started, before being cut off. It was like her world had gotten rattled a little.

Her head was spinning, and aching.

Did he hit her?

Was she falling?

It was all too fast, that Emily soon felt her face come in contact with the floor, that she immediately braced for impact, as a thud could be heard.

It was like her ears were ringing, and her face hurt.


How the f*** could he do this here?

All she wanted was to leave with Harry.

He would make her feel so much....better.

But after the first few minutes, ranging almost away from the time.

It wasn't too long before she was finally free to get away.

Her mother stopped him.

She always had to.

Emily tried to hide what had happened. Using her hair and its fake lengths to cover some of her face.

Emily almost stumbled her way back. Trying to carefully move at a regular pace. She could see harry through her blurred eyes. Yes.

She could see his back turned, and his attention busy.

It was like she rushed herself to him..

Quietly wrapping her arms around his waist. The female buried her face into the back of his jacket fabric, and trembled. "C-can we go...?" she asked. Trying to keep her tone firm, but it slightly broke.
6 hours ago

Gently, taking the can of energy, and a little more.... Emily, had a light smile grace her lips. Harry absolutely was the only person for Emily to come across, and understand. Not even her older brother could come into comparison. He was completely a mystery that fixed with her own. And, well..along side the fact he also had a few surprises up his sleeve. Emily immedaitly brought the drink to her lips. Taking a few subtle sips, before pecking his temple, and bringing her lips beside his ear. " When i get back...lets ditch, and have some of our own fun~" she whispered, before giving a light blow at the tip of his ear. Waltzing off, as she had a satisfied little smirk. Allowing her step brother, to guide her back, as she continued on the beverage. Hoping whatever he put into the drink, would bring her mind a better form of solace. And that, even more so, quicker to be back at his side. And hopefully...on their way outta here.
8 hours ago

" Because were almost the same." She stated, as her green hues flickered up to him. " Were both completely f***ed up, and left in unlikely situations, that make us more real then others anticipated." She also added for sassy effect. Before ordering a cold glass of Gin, with a lemon twist.

Subtly sighing, as she hated the mood that imposed on her. That inner anxiety, that made her just want to leave.

" Think if we got further into one of the exhibits we could sneak out?" She questioned. Hoping Harry had maybe a plan. Or a possible idea for a sly exit, that both could go unnoticed. But-- in the midst of their back and forth conversation.

Adam. One of her 3 siblings, decided to interfere.

" EMILY--" The blonde male called, as he strode over. Dressed in a fashionable white tuxedo with silver lining, topped off with a pair of brown shiny dress shoes.

" Emily-- mother has asked me to bring you over for family photos--." He spoke as he came up to them. Standing about Harry's height, but a couple inches shorter. He clearly kept himself well groomed, and had the attitude to match.

" what's the point?" Emily replied half hearted. " The point is, dear sister of mine-- father needs to hold his reputation and have everything fall in place. This is a big moment, please don't make me dragg you. Its rather unbecoming." He replied as he crossed his arms lightly, in obvious irritation.

" what's unbecoming is when you sneak out with you're boyfriend, pretend nobody notices--" she shot back. Immediately gainning color in his face. Emily knew very well how to push buttons.
10 hours ago

" Didn't know you were that kind of kinky, but i can see where you enjoy girls calling you daddy--" she said before an actual grin came to her face.

Harry didn't treat her like a sheep, or some casual girl, you'd bang in a bathroom stall. He treated her like a person. A special one, at that. And the more she started to see him, the more she felt herself grow a little more closer to him.

When he linked his arm, with her's. Some would swear they could've looked like the next evil rulers to a empire.

It was funny.
Emily read the faces of the jealous, and aggravated females/males.

But, the one face she hadn't wanted to see...was the man in charge. Her stepfather.

He was far across the room from the them. Mingling with the mayor, and his wife. Hell, from the looks like they even wear mingling with the chief of the NYPD.

And yet-- his look was clear. Those piercing brown eyes told her, from a daring not get comfortable. Especially in Harry's company.

With her immediately turning her face, back forward. And towards the bar. It was painfully obvious, something sucked away that good feeling that was trying to strive. Something--defintely not right.

" i wish i had a xanax.." she mumbled.
12 hours ago

" I think it suites you. Really--" she said, as she felt a soft giggle slip, past her painted lips. " It makes you're eyes pop. And gives off the whole, fifty shades of grey vibes." She added as her own joke. Seeing how Harry made the attempt to get her more comfortable.

It was the very least she could do for him in return. Something just about him, and his presence made her at ease. It made her feel less alone, and less out of place. " Also-- drag racing sounds amazing. I mean, the booze would be more potent." She said, lightly jiggling the empty glass.

" Well-- I'm glad I'm not stuck her by myself. It would be so dull~" she said before, briefly glancing back over the room of the rich and wealthy.

Silently hating them. Hating what they all cared, and bragged about. But, the person she hated the most, was the man in charge of her home. Her stepfather.

" Did you want to join me, while i get absolutely hammered?" She asked, holding an arm out to him. More or less, making her look unavailable, and keeping him company.
13 hours ago

Recognizing his voice. Emily immediately went from tense and startled, to weakly chuckling, as she gently pushed him, in a playful nudge. " Bastard--don't scare me like that." She said before taking a breathe,as she brought the martini she had, to her lips. Taking a sip, as she took in his appearance and tone.

He always reminded her of those boys on vinyl albums. Dressed in the nicest of leather jackets, looking sharp..and tuff. Even though he did dress in a sophisticated manner. It still fitted for what she truly envisioned as his /actual/ style.

" we'll-- you caught me." She replied after she finished her drink. Lightly using the back of her two fingers to brush her lips.

" My stepfather had made a big break through with a company-- so i was dragged here. Kicking and screaming, while they dance in wealth. I'm..more of just an extra pretty face here." She explained, looking up to him, as she was clearly intoxicated as it were. She was just getting started.

" I'm guessing you're here to make an /Appearance/?" She asked, as she gently tucked some of her hair back, and behind her right ear. Turning to face him a little better.
14 hours ago

It had been a very important ocassion, when it came to getting all dressed up. With her mother forcing her into the salon, to get her make up, and hair fixed. Emily knew she had to become a doll. With the extentions added, and her face primped and pretty. She almost felt nauseous.

What was the point? She was just the black sheep, that everyone practically played off as mentally-ill.

While-- it was true to an extent. She knew the problem she had rooted much deeper than that. The problem stem from her father's death, but got out of hand the moment she was titled a highschooler in her stepfather's home.

So, when she got dragged along to these important events. Emily could not stomach the plastic she became. She was like an expensive barbie for display. With her hair extended past her shoulders, and her make up 'natural'. She looked like the average rich girl, and sliky black dress, with light gold trim.

The formal event took place at a musem. Rented out for the evening, with drinks and food provided. Emily would find herself roaming away from the noise. Sure, her stepfather made a huge deal with this--other company. But she absolutely could care a less to focus on details.

If she had--she would've known her new friend, Harry...was actually there, and that he had just now made her family even swim in more wealth.

Sadly, thefemale just focused on avoiding the hungry hounds of the party. The other nosy people that came to these events, always came with a cocky atmosphere or entitled attitude of sorts.

Lucky enough, the art on display gave her a minor escape. A place she could just tickle her brain, and forget about the obonxious buzzing behind her.

But, while gazing upon a painting. Its like it had her completely frozen in place. The colors of green, purple, and blue blended. She found herself absolutely marveling it. So much so, she hadn't paid attention to the sudden hand reaching out to touch her.
15 hours ago