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(Wendy Bird)
19 / Female / Single
Indiana - United States
Just an edge lord who loves horror roleplays along with the occasional romance roleplay. N*FW is fine, I won't roleplay that without a story though, and if you're underage, forget it. Wendy Bird is not my real name, but I've had the nickname ever since I did peter pan in the first grade and played Wendy. Hope to have friends who are just as edgy as me.

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Hey, sorry I've been neglecting this account... If you want to find me again and keep going add me @rose-is-roleplaying
Mood: accomplished
0  Nov 13th 2020 12:10

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-bows-thanks for adding me^^ hope we can discuss a roleplay sometime soon. Don't have many rules, but I have a good portion of my character descriptions posted^-^
Oct 12th 2020 00:51

Sep 29th 2020 23:52