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30 / Other / In a Relationship
Montreal , Canada
I have no name; I am but two days old... Just kidding. You can call me "V."

I am a semi lit/lit roleplayer looking to find people who are willing to roleplay darker themes, romance is of course fine but it would be slow forming but I do not take part in any N*FW plots. Anyone interested in a roleplay that doesn't include sm*t is welcome to pm me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

Discord : V Sparda#2336

Latest Status

I believe that tomorrow will be the day that I remove everyone that I do not speak to from my account, not due to any offense or anything bad but simply because I see no point to holding on to those I do not speak with. So I will say good bye to those of you who I will not speak to from tomorrow onwards -bows my head- take care
3  Apr 2nd 2020 19:41

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Q. Hey.
A. Pfft Hey
 Jan 3rd 2020 15:57

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Happy Birthday, V!!
Dec 22nd 2019 05:58