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(Multiple - Muse.)
24 / Female / Forever Alone
New York, New York - United States
[Male & Female characters available.]

You're safe here
No need to run and hide
Underneath your cover now
Don't be scared
There's nothing left inside
Since you ate my heart out


My Beautiful Mains:

@_Problematic / @Original_Chaos
@DevilMayCare / @VikingWitch

[If you hurt them, you're dead. End of story.]

Latest Status

//Sometimes it really does suck to be right. But it's okay. It's just another thing to get over, another change. Kind of used to it happening by now.
3  Jun 24th 2019 03:43

Latest Questions

Q. New message from Evelyn--

Jeez, and they say that it is us women that are touchy! I meant nothing by it!


Well, only you can change the way you live. Either stay living in this turtle life you seem to love living in or do something about it. I am just trying to help as any friend would.
A. New message from: James.

It felt patronizing.


I don't love it. I'm just used to it and don't know how to fix it. I don't even know how I'd live without the fear.
 May 21st 2019 01:39

Q. New message from Evelyn--

There are plenty of things that I would rather not do but guess what princess? I have to otherwise things will never come to an end.
A. New message from: James.

Please stop referring to me as that.


I've lived with it for so long, I've accepted it.
 May 21st 2019 01:17

Latest Comments

It's fine, I just want you better boo <3
Apr 17th 2019 01:17

Feel better soon, then! :(
Don’t worry about replies till you’re better!
Apr 16th 2019 17:44

Apr 16th 2019 03:07

XD I still need to reply to Viktor lol
Dec 14th 2018 18:35

Should we use it for the mistletoe thing?
Dec 14th 2018 18:30

XD same I want to use it at some point!
Dec 14th 2018 18:28

This gif is perfect for a sweet Christmas rp
Dec 14th 2018 18:20

That’s so awesome!! You gotta show me it sometime, I absolutely would love to read you’re work <3
Nov 29th 2018 17:31

I hate to say but I want ‘ She will be loved ‘ playing at my wedding by maroon5 <3
But that’s good!
Nov 29th 2018 16:24

/ holds arm open

Do you need a hug?

But damn, the boys are all grown up. Like sh*t, I remember when they revised Poor Unfortunate souls.

Nov 29th 2018 16:19