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(Lucifer OriginalLucifer)
114 / Male / Married
United Kingdom
I'm back bit(hes. My original account was @OriginalLucifer and i got hacked and can't get it back. So my daughter made me this one. Thank you beautiful angel of mine. @OriginalSuccubus, love you baby girl.


Now welcome to your nightmares people. I don't add anyone without my daughter's okay. Just because i'm not on here enough and she take care of my account when she gets the chance. I'm already taken so ladies step off and don't bother adding me. I wont accept nor will my daughter. If you dont get added and end up blocked means my wife and daughter dont like you.

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yes thank you
 Jun 6th 2019 12:12

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Love you more daddy
Jun 17th 2019 04:11

Happy Fathers day daddy. Xoxo I love you
Jun 16th 2019 15:30

Yay hehehe. -snuggles daddy tightly.-
Jun 11th 2019 07:38

I love you daddy and miss you heaps. -jumps in dads bed and hunkers down.- you're sharing your bed tonight.
Jun 10th 2019 13:52

I love my daddy very much. I protect him just as he does me. Xoxo love you daddy. <3
Jun 8th 2019 20:32

Hehehe love you daddy very much. Xoxo
Jun 8th 2019 12:14

Daddy this isn't intended for you, just the hoes trying to add you; well the ones that know how to read at least.

Stop trying to add my father. He doesn't want or need any hoes on his profile.Bit(hes just cause trouble and my parents are happy and sure as hell don't need some skanky hoe coming at him saying "Oh i just wanna be friends" and trying to pull some sh*t later on because her "man" who really isn't a man to begin with can't make her happy. Back off and learn to read everything on someone's profile before you fuking add. stupid chicks, think y'all need to go back to fuking school or something.
Jun 6th 2019 17:51

Yay daddys back -tackles him-
Jun 6th 2019 12:28