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(Mystery Man)
19 / Male / Single
Gainesboro, Tennessee - United States
I am very creative I can make I crave it to you to the max I am very good at being detailed and I'm always honest and that's about it nothing exciting

I will play an in the best detail and I would like to see those that can put up a good challenge for what role plays I have in store for them

Now I do have a few rules and whatever

1. Putting some effort into your role play make it interesting to make it like a story one that could either anyone that doesn't end.

2. I don't mind chatting when you send me something but if you're one of those people that just like to discuss about the roleplay I don't mind or get to the point

3. Don't think that my characters are overpowered anything it's just to surprise or catch others off-guard to figure out the situation and everything.

4. I don't mind if you swear during the role-play or whatever so it can sfw or N*FW so that's up to you

5. I'm really patient so if you have anything to do just do it. I'll just wait for you so take your time

6. Always be honest with me I hate liars and I hate those that don't saying something so if something that you want to say then say it, please

7. I send my characters are on my blog so read them and their more characters name I'll do a small description of that character name that you choose

8. I always do a first-person point-of-view will place so don't expect me to try or do anything third-person cuz I'm not very good at it. But I'll try my best at it.

9. Godmoding I don't mind it but don't use it cause my characters are overpowered and to kill my weaker characters that will come out my blog

10. They'll be some days will be busy
and then we some days I won't but when I'm busy it's usually whenever I'm working on my blog or working on a YouTube video which I do have a YouTube channel and everything. So it you want to check it out this link below message?/rule? Who knows
Channel link

11. I'm straight in real life so I wanted to clarify that however in roleplay I will do
MxM, MxF, and FxF. If you want to take about dating me real life. We'll have to talk about some things about it or whatever but please don't start the role play with something sexual I would like to build a story and if the roleplay is really good then we can start doing stuff that is sexual so thanks in advance

12. I do have discord and other media I'll only tell to you if you want to roleplay on such media or the website is not working correctly

So if you agree to this just let me know whatever so I know that you read this and not add me randomly. To not know what your in for or whatever

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If I owe anyone messages or if anyone want to message me about the real play or anything like that just send me a message
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