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24 / Male / Broken Hearted
North Carolina - United States
Discord: SassMaster.exe#6039

Minors please DNI
No one liners. Please give me things to work with

"Don't f*** with me. I *WILL* cry"

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//the actual song "dj got us falling in love again" song by usher is on at work and i keep thinking it'll turn into revenge.
2  Aug 4th 2022 17:31

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Ooo interesting, yeah!
Apr 1st 2022 22:49

What do you mean?
Apr 1st 2022 18:49

Jan 29th 2022 19:01

Get off of work already >:c GOSH
Dec 6th 2021 18:59

Dec 5th 2021 11:25

Tiger-Lily is from a place that's like Japan but taken to someplace like Germany
Dec 3rd 2021 22:13

Looking forward to your reply <3 please do as you see fit!
Dec 3rd 2021 22:04

You flatter me <3
Dec 3rd 2021 21:32

That's the joke haha
Dec 3rd 2021 21:26

No problem
Apr 27th 2021 22:45