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(Leo Smith)
27 / Male / Single
Toronto , Ontario - Canada
Basically prefer fantasy based RP :) though I’m fine with some modern or super hero genres. I don’t like doing fandoms. Though if I do I will do an OC character.

I prefer someone who can play more than one character throughout an rp. If you do prefer one on one only I can do that though they’re gonna be shorter RPs. Just a warning :)

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Latest Status

Sleepy night
2  Nov 27th 2022 03:20

Latest Questions

Q. hey you good? not trying to be needy and all but are you busy or smt?
A. Hey sorry been at work I’m on break now
 Oct 26th 2022 18:11

Q. You good bro?
A. Hey sorry been at work
 Oct 26th 2022 17:58

Latest Comments

It's alright! I get that people have lives outside of here.
Nov 25th 2022 20:47

Its alright man, good to have you back for a little lol
Nov 14th 2022 09:13

tis oki
Nov 12th 2022 02:26

Nov 11th 2022 22:33

-squeaks- meep!
Nov 8th 2022 16:52

So sleepy gonna head to bed
Nov 7th 2022 02:15

welcome back!!
Oct 31st 2022 23:10

-squeaks- :p
Oct 31st 2022 18:28

Aight cya then man
Oct 31st 2022 18:03

Ah.. damn
Oct 31st 2022 17:32