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(Kilovin Dice)
23 / Male / Single and Looking
Illinois - United States
"Hello there Outsider!
That has so curiously found there way to my domain today, isn't it? I'm sure you have lots of questions of curiosity about this place and what there is to offer..."
The masked stranger looked at the sky for the briefest of moments watching the water bouncing off their mask like a speck of dust as it returned its gaze to you,
"I'll admit Outsider, tough times are ahead within these hallways. Ruins created by the sin of man... The Lost Hero who has to fight over the fragments of morality... Or do you seek to survive the twist and turns as you walk that tightrope of light and dark hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel?...."
The masked individual looked back at the area below as sounds of fights and survival could be heard below as the light of the flame echoed from the collapsed structures,
"Time will tell I suppose....",
The masked individual looks back at you holding onto his blades to lean on,
"I have many names which will come in due time... but you can call me Kilovin, Kilo for short... Some times we live in.."
The masked stranger did a small bow as it looked as if it wanted something from you,
"So Outsider... Who are you?"

((Hello, I am the author of this account and Welcome! I do roleplay a lot of different characters
and AU's. I prefer to stick with my characters, but we can discuss in chat what you would like to do including other characters not mentioned including cannons. ^^ Just remember that just because something isn't listed doesn't mean I won't do it, it doesn't mean I will either. Just ask me if you have any questions. ^^

I am happy to roleplay from any fandoms or OC's just be patient I do have a life outside like everyone so I'll respond as soon as I can. ^^ Hope to talk with all of you soon! ^^))

Be Advised to look at my Blog Posts for more information including but not limited to Characters, Genres, Fandom Verses, Roleplay Rules, and More.

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thank you for sending me a friend request! I hope we can rp soon!
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