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TheLivingEcho's Blog

Logan Evergarden

Age: 19
Hair: long and red
Eyes: ice blue
Height: 5'3
Logan is the second oldest among the quads, she is a very quiet young lady, she enjoys painting and reading. Logan also had a bad habit of babying the youngest sibling Carson.
Logan goes to school in hopes of becoming an animator. She wants her art to make people feel as happy as it makes her feel.
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Kory Evergarden

Age: 19
Hair: white
Eyes: Ice blue
Height: 5'7
The eldest of the Evergarden quadruplets. Of the four she is the most patient, and very quick witted. As she is in University she has chosen child care as her chosen degree, hoping she will someday make a difference in a small way.
She and her eldest brother tend to butt heads when he begins hounding Carson for anything attempting to protect her sister in any way.
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The Evergardens

A large family consisting of Carl Evergardens (65), Vanya Evergarden (62) and their 8 children; Micheal(32), Camille(27), Mauve, Eugene(23), Kory(19), Logan(19), Micah(19), and Carson(19).
Carl was the oldest child, his father Richard was a Irish native who visited Japan and met his mother Aiko, the two fell in love and would spend their marriage traveling between the two countries. Richard was a Major General, Aiko was a painter, they both came from wealthy families. Carl despite being raised by loving and doting parents was not nearly as kind and only wanted money. When he was a teen he met Vanya, Vanya reminded him of his mother. He made it his goal to get Vanya to love him unconditionally, and in the end marry him.
After some years the two had their first child, Vanya loved their son whole heartedly, enraging Carl, he didn't want to share his wives love so he set out to make her love only him. After a few more years they had 7 other children, and when Carl looked at his youngest, the child who looked most like him, he would become furious. She was often sick and would often need her mother's care.
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Daughter of Two Courts

Human name: Devon O'Hare
Fae name: Unknown
Race: Fae
Type of Fae: Elf
Court: Both
Abilities: Unknown
Parents: human- Miranda O'Hare and Quinton O'Hare
Fae- Oberon (king of the summer and spring fae) and Weiss (member of the winter and fall fae)

Deeming it illegal for members of the two courts to fall in love or have children, Oberon and Weiss broke the law, having many children together.
Weiss decided that their last child, was the most perfect and could bring the two courts together. Oberon knowing this could damage his marriage and that he could be removed from the thrown banished his last child into the human world where two people adopted her into their home.
Upon her 18th birthday Devons best friend took her back into the world of fae. This best friend being the infamous trickster Robin Goodfellow.
They set off on adventures and on a quest to find Weiss, who disappeared soon after Devon.
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The Last in Line

Name: Blaire Densen
Age: 24
Family: Mother- Martha (deceased) Father- Joseph (deceased) Adoptive Mother- Margret
When Blaire was a child her parents died in an accident. Margret was in her fifties at the time that it happened and took in her god daughter and adopted her.
Up until her teens Blaire had no clue about her heritage, when she found out she decided to learn whether or not she had the ability to use magic like her ancestors. Upon learning she had the ability she began training herself in the arts. by the time she was 20 she had already mastered every element known to man, she even dabbled in blood magic.
(Her story is longer but for now I'll leave it at this.)
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