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The Queen of Spades

Kri (pronounced cry) was an orphaned child after she lost her temper as a child and took her own mothers life.
When she was a child her mother trained her to kill, and feel no remorse for it. So when the red queen took her in she was already a trained super soldier.
Kri spent years fighting the queen when her husband was killed. Upon finally killed the queen the two kingdoms joined as one and asked her to take over.
Feeling she was not fit to rule alone Kri split the kingdom into four pieces and asked some of the people she trusted the most to take over each of the kingdoms; diamonds, clubs, and hearts
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The Four Kingdoms

Years ago there was a large battle, a cruel unfit queen had run the land. Killed anyone who disobeyed her rule.
She one day walked through the land of spades saw a young girl who was different from the rest this girl was small and powerful she had no emotions, she felt no pain, the girl was perfect.
She took the girl from her home. She raised her to pleasure her.
The girl one day met a man and they fell in love. The queen was filled with rage and while the girl was with him the man was killed by order of the queen.
From that day that on, the girl lost faith in her Queen. She fought for revenge in the beginning, in the end she fought to make the kingdom a better place.
In the end the four kingdoms arose, the original hearts abd spades, clubs and diamonds cams along when she decided that there was to much power for two kingdoms. Each kingdom had their own specific role, hearts controlled agriculture, clubs controlled military, diamonds controlled dragons, and spades education.
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Daughter of Two Courts

Human name: Devon O'Hare
Fae name: Unknown
Race: Fae
Type of Fae: Elf
Court: Both
Abilities: Unknown
Parents: human- Miranda O'Hare and Quinton O'Hare
Fae- Oberon (king of the summer and spring fae) and Weiss (member of the winter and fall fae)

Deeming it illegal for members of the two courts to fall in love or have children, Oberon and Weiss broke the law, having many children together.
Weiss decided that their last child, was the most perfect and could bring the two courts together. Oberon knowing this could damage his marriage and that he could be removed from the thrown banished his last child into the human world where two people adopted her into their home.
Upon her 18th birthday Devons best friend took her back into the world of fae. This best friend being the infamous trickster Robin Goodfellow.
They set off on adventures and on a quest to find Weiss, who disappeared soon after Devon.
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The Last in Line

Name: Blaire Densen
Age: 24
Family: Mother- Martha (deceased) Father- Joseph (deceased) Adoptive Mother- Margret
When Blaire was a child her parents died in an accident. Margret was in her fifties at the time that it happened and took in her god daughter and adopted her.
Up until her teens Blaire had no clue about her heritage, when she found out she decided to learn whether or not she had the ability to use magic like her ancestors. Upon learning she had the ability she began training herself in the arts. by the time she was 20 she had already mastered every element known to man, she even dabbled in blood magic.
(Her story is longer but for now I'll leave it at this.)
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The Dead Son

Name: Valentino Roscoe Jr
Age: 309 (Deceased)
Family: Mother- Circe (Deceased)
Wife- Mabel (Deceased)
Children- Ida (Deceased), Louis (Deceased), Robert (Deceased), and Anna (Deceased)

Valentino was thought to have died when his step father threw him out into the woods after making him ill. After a few night of being alone a young woman discovered him. She introduced herself as Mabel.
Mabel was also a witch who also knew the spell that Circe was attempting to cast upon her son. When Mabel healed Valentino it wasn't long until they fell in love.
After not to long the two had children. Until the final child of their lineage was born there were no more magic wielders in the family.
Blaire Densen was born to Martha and Joseph Denson.
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