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TheLivingEcho's Blog

Mermaid RP

A person of high stature informs fisherman who have claimed to see a mermaid to go and capture her, when the job is done the fisherman are killed and the mermaid is put up for display in the PoHS's home. Someone close to PoHS meets the mermaid and plots to help her escape.
Possible romance
Possible plot twist
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The Mage

Name: Ravyn (pronounced Ravien)
Age: somewhere in her twenties as far as looks go
Hair: Black
Eyes: Piercing Blue
Race: human
Ravien is a mage, loyal to the crown, more specifically, Princess Briar. She is known as Lady Ravyn by those throughout the kingdoms.
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The Princess

Name: Briar Elizabeth Truehart
Age: 19
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: pale grey-blue
Height: 5'1
Body type: slender but curvy
Briar is the youngest of the Truehart royals. Aside from her eldest brother she is the only one who has yet to move into a new kingdom and be married.
Most of her days consist of tutors training her how to be a wife. As she is currently living a dull life she hopes to find excitement sometime soon.
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Carson Evergarden

Age: 19
Hair: silvery blue
Eyes: ice blue
Height: 5'
The youngest of the quads and of the children in general. Carson was born a very sick child. Most of her youth was spent in a hospital. Being the smallest in school made her a common Target for bullying or being treated as a child even in her teens.
Carson hasn't yet decided upon her future.
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Micah Evergarden

Age: 19
Hair: short white hair that is shaved underneath
Height: 5'8

Micah is the sporty type, she enjoys going out with her brothers and playing any type of ball game. She and her eldest brother never miss the opening game of any season unless they are dying, even then she still tries.
In University she plays multiple sports, and holds a few of the schools highest records.

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