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22 / Male / Single and Looking
The USA - United States
(I don't come here but maybe once a day around 17:00 MST, but if you want faster replies, ask for my discord. I reply faster and it's easy to share my characters on there.)

"To think, you must risk being offensive, so speak the truth you must be willing to become hated or despised. To deny truth, and refuse yourself free thought, you become a liar to not only others, but yourself as well."

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Who goes there?

A mortal I see.. Thou hast travelled far.. and only I reside here..

Hast thou come for me? I warn thee.. there is nothing here for you. A hollowed shell of what once was is all that is to remain. Turn back if thou wishest to save thyself.

For that which you seek has.. departed.

If thou seekest I, thy desires shall be requited not.

That is not why you came.. huh?.. then I suppose thou'rt welcome to stay.. and rest in this abyss I call my abode..

Though, I wouldst hate to disappoint thee. I hath been alone so long, that all I know is emptiness. And yet, thy spirit remains. Tattered, scratched and torn, so I shalt swallow ichor, and fight myself in this endless hell of what thy kind, humans, call life.

I shalt master all trades, and accomplish all things. No matter the cost.

(I don't do real life rps. And I rp on discord.)

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thank you! you're a better roleplayer though
Jan 27th 2022 08:17

Thank you mister >:3
Jan 1st 2022 13:56

Dec 14th 2021 09:03

*nuzzles into your hand* you were worth the investment mister >:3
Nov 27th 2021 09:57

Nov 24th 2021 15:55

Thank you ^^
Oct 23rd 2021 06:17

I just want to make people happy and have fun
Sep 17th 2021 16:02