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(The Huntress)
32 / Female / Single
Lawrence, Kansas - United States
~Multi Muse~

I'm working on adding the characters, both canons and OCs! But you can bet your ass they're all badass women (for now!) that won't take anyone's drama and will fight tooth and nail for what's right.

Feel free to add, I'm usually very nice... which doesn't mean my characters will be!

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I've seen a lot of people I like sayin they feel bad about other guys bein dramatic/violent/negative around here. Know that you've got a friend in me! If you need to talk I'm here for you, anythin you need!

This is a RP site, it's meant for us to have fun! Some people have a flair for the dramatics n they use this place to validate themselves. If you see violence, bullying, toxic people? Delete! Your mental health comes first ♥

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2  Jan 18th 2020 14:33

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