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20 / Female / Single
-Left Of Center-, United States
-Roleplays status: Not taking new requests-

I'm Gamma and I'm rather new here, but not online very frequently atm.

Roleplay is something I've been hooked on since I found it in 2013, but storytelling has always been a longtime love of mine. Building worlds and story ideas has always just appealed to me. That coupled with my crippling character creation addiction, roleplay just makes sense.

I enjoy most all genres and usually use a mix of them, but currently, these are my top interests: Western, Cyberpunk, Modern, Gang, Demi-god, Advanced Steampunk, Supernatural, Powered, Horror, Film Noir, and Angst.
What I'm not as big on in slice-of-life realistic fiction and romance without plot.

I write at least a paragraph, typically an average of two or three. What I put out can really depend on what my partner(s) puts in though. My tone and style preferences in writing can also change from day to day, so I might be slower to write responses for certain characters sometimes.

I love detail in an rp and also believe it's important to be on the same page before starting. So if you message me to rp be ready for questions and to let me know what you're looking for. I don't want to have to carry the rp building conversation.

I mostly play ocs as making new characters and exploring their personalities through roleplay is part of the fun for me. I might try and get some blogs up about a few of them, but don't feel discouraged if you don't see one that fits with you. I'll always have a lot more just sitting around my thoughts rent-free.

I'm pretty terrible with remembering names, so to make things easier for myself I won't be accepting every friend request. Also if I do accept your request please send me a message! Even if we met on the forum, giving me a "hey I'm from ___" Will help me keep track of things in the long haul.

General heads up, I can also be incredibly awkward sometimes because I've lost all my social skills during the quarantine. I also get distracted and forget to respond so if it's been a couple of hours feel free to shoot me another message!~♥

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