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Hi everyone! You can call me Mystic or Myst, whichever you prefer. I’m the Admin for this account, and I’m a huuuge D&D nerd. This account is actually set in my own custom built D&D setting. I’m looking for people who love deep role play with thorough character building to go on an adventure! I’m eager to get to know you and for you to get to know me, so don’t hesitate to drop by if you’re interested!
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1. Do. Not. Control. My. Character. I cannot stress this enough. She is my character, I make all decisions regarding her behavior, her attitude, her mood, her thoughts, her actions, and her past.

2. I will only play this character, but I can just drop the proper nouns and she’d be setting agnostic, as long as it’s still D&D. Don’t ask me to use a different character.

3. I’m a sucker for romance and a bit of a perv. Mature themes are welcome, but they must remain a story element, not the story focus. It will only occur if the story has built up to it properly, and only if our characters have grown close enough.

4. Do not approach me in character. I need time to talk about what we want out of the story and what kind of story we want to have.

5. I keep a crazy schedule. I might be on all day one day, and not at all the next day. If I don’t respond for a couple days, POLITELY send another message reminding me.

6. Do not like this post. Go comment your favorite nickname on my Introduction post. Otherwise, I will not accept your Friend Request.
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Introduction to Zokarim

Venture with me now, far across the Material Plane, to the world of Zokarim, the sixth planet in a seven planet solar system orbiting Catha and Rudus, binary stars which seem to feed off of one another. Zokarim was once orbited by two moons, Ath’tel and Ath’von, but since an event known as The Collision, only Ath’tel remains. In the time since, the debris from the destruction of Ath’von have settled into a vibrant purple band around the planet, visible from every point on the surface. Zokarim itself is broken into four continents; Gedrai in the northeast, Uwran in the northwest, Druzox in the southeast, and Kogira in the Southwest.

Our story takes place in Uwran, a continent still recovering from the Wars of the Mad God roughly 1800 years ago. The Wars of the Mad God, a conflict of unprecedented scale, started in 4931 P.C., or Post Collision, by Clay Vermillion, a wizard of unparalleled prowess and the ruler of what then was known as the Vermillion Shore. No one knows what brought on the war, or why it spread like wildfire across the continent, but it lasted for nearly 300 years, drawing and redrawing borders over and over, and yet Clay Vermillion lived on, longer than any human had a right to live. Convinced that he had somehow found the secret to godhood, Clay gained the moniker ‘the Mad God’. When the continent was on the brink of destruction and most had lost all hope that the wars would ever end, an explosion of magical energy in Clay’s capital city of Alamore took his life, along with the entirety of the Myriad Ward and most of the line of succession. The wars ended that night, and an uneasy peace settled over Uwran. The Vermillion Shore, now renamed the Vermillion Expanse, pulled back its forces and has been quietly rebuilding ever since.

Now, in the year 7047 P.C., that peace is beginning to break down. Tensions between countries are rising, there is talk of rebellion in more than one country, and armies are being gathered, but no fighting has broken out as of yet. Our story begins at the heart of it all, in the Vermillion Expanse.

Now five times the size of the Vermillion Shore, the Vermillion Expanse is a diverse land, both in culture and in topography, and is the largest of the eight kingdoms, and larger still if you count the Principality of Lok. Ruled by King Godric Aros, the Vermillion Expanse is a relatively fair land, with laws forbidding mistreatment based on race and laws requiring slaves to be somewhat cared for. Now, let us bring our attention to Alamore, capital city of the Vermillion Expanse. Alamore’s landscape is quite unique. Built atop seven tall plateaus, Alamore is broken into seven separate wards connected by the Royal Road. We go now to the Ehlonna Ward, dedicated to Ehlonna, the goddess of nature, travelers, hunters, and farmers, the Ehlonna Ward serves as the entrance to the city. It is where most of the inns and taverns are, and it is home to The Resolution, a famous mercenary band that has settled into something of a talent agency, recruiting aspiring adventurers and giving them direction.
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