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(Akorri Vraulur)
21 / Female / Single
Alamore, The Vermillion Expanse - United States
((Please read blogs for worldbuilding, rules, and an introduction))

Akorri was born the only female heir of a waning drow House, and from the age of two she were groomed to be the next Matron of her family. She spent nearly every hour of every waking day for the next six years learning the basic tenets of drow society, as well as honing her body into a fighting machine capable of bringing her house back from the brink of ruin and repel any covert attacks stronger houses might attempt to make against them. At the age of eight, she began having a little more free time and over the course of the next two years she began to develop her own identity. The first mark against her came at this time, when a rival house attempted to invade hers, and though she fought well and managed to defend her home and family, she was ostracized for her refusal to kill the invaders.
Shortly thereafter came the second blow to her reputation when a much larger House invaded and destroyed Akorri’s House, leaving no survivors, as was drow custom, except for Akorri. When it was discovered that Akorri still lived, the T’orgh family offered to enact revenge on her behalf, again as is custom. Akorri, however, refused. She had seen enough death in her short life and did not want to see more.
At the age of eleven came the defining moment of Akorri’s early years, when the T’orgh family extended an invitation to her; be adopted by us, and you will be redeemed in the eyes of Lolth and the rest of the city. Akorri, having come to the realization that drow society was evil, refused the offer. Infuriated by her rejection, Gurina T’orgh, the Matron of the T’orgh family, declared Akorri an exile and placed a 50,000 gold bounty on her head.
While fleeing from Revanor, her home city, Akorri crossed into the territory of a basilisk, a horrible six-legged creature whose gaze could turn other creatures to stone. Unaware of her mistake, she stumbled onto the creature in a maze of tunnels. In the process of fleeing from the creature, she discovered a statue with a blade that appeared as if it were made of solid diamond. She grabbed it and turned to meet the basilisk head on, the sword blazing to life in her hands. The light blinded her, causing her to instinctively close her eyes tightly at the exact moment the basilisk caught sight of itself in the reflection now visible off of her highly polished breastplate. The creature immediately turned to stone, and Akorri proceeded much more carefully towards the surface.

Akorri fled the Underdark, heading up to the surface world where few drow dared to tread out of fear of the sun. she emerged from a cave on Dartwater a small island off coast of Uwran that pirates had converted into a private haven. Akorri met and became a sailor for Asher, a pirate with a decent sized fleet who was, at the time, aiming for the title Pirate King.
Akorri had served him faithfully for five years, buying in fully to everything that he said about loyalty being the most important thing a person could give. She developed a powerful sense of companionship and loyalty to her friends, and an all-consuming hatred of those who betray the ones that rely on them.
Seven years ago, Asher’s fleet was blockaded into their bay by a group of pirate hunters led by a massive galleon, named Leviathan’s Deep, twice the size of the Serpent’s Rime, the flagship of Asher’s fleet. Without much other choice in the matter, Asher turned to his followers and asked for volunteers, someone willing to embark on a suicide mission for the sake of the other members of the fleet, with the Leviathan’s Deep being the prize for success. Akorri volunteered, swimming across the bay and sneaking aboard the Leviathan’s Deep. Carefully and quietly, she disabled the weapons on the ship and damaged the sails to keep the ship from fleeing.
When her fleet mates caught up to her, Asher stabbed her through the chest, thanked her for the ship, and tossed her overboard. She awakened two nights later in a cave deep beneath the water, having been nursed back to health by Hynaphae, a Topaz Dragon with a particular distaste for traitors. Having seen what had been done to Akorri, she saw both an opportunity and potential. She offered her a deal when she awakened, to train her and teach her how to enact her vengeance against the fleet who betrayed her, in exchange for acting as an executioner for traitors around the world.
Over the next four years, Akorri never left Hynaphae’s lair, instead devoting herself to the lessons that had been offered to her. At the age of 20, Akorri was given three targets, previous fleet mates who had never ventured far enough away for Hynaphae to lose track of. Hynaphae told her that when she had slain all three, she would be free to go out into the world and exact her revenge on the ones who had betrayed her.
Akorri set out to track the three of her one-time friends. Over the course of her journeys, Akorri came across Russel Blakemore, a weathered sea captain that offered her transport between the continents in exchange for labor, and information for protection. With the help of Russel, Akorri managed to hunt and kill the first two of her targets before cornering the third, Viva, on a small island off the coast of Uwran. There, she pursued her quarry across the island for nearly two weeks, constantly beset by Dusinerth, a young Blue Dragon who had made the island their lair and had forged an alliance with Viva to lure in pirate ships for the dragon to assault and add their treasuries to its hoard.
Akorri was forced to flee, and later met Sable, a dragon hunter who was willing to take on an apprentice who could lead him to a dragon and, more importantly, its hoard. After a year of training, Sable declared that Akorri could hold her own in a fight well enough not to slow her down, and together they returned to the island. After a brutal fight in which the ship they had used to reach the island was destroyed, Viva was slain and Dusinerth had been chased away. They spent the next week stranded on the island before finding a folding boat amongst the dragon’s hoard.
Upon returning to the mainland, Sable gifted the folding boat to Akorri for her part in the fight, and they parted ways as mentor and beloved student. Akorri still has the folding boat to this day, as it was her first “ship”.

Since killing the last member of their old crew that she knew the whereabouts of, Akorri has since moved to the Xerben mainland in the pursuit of leads to the locations of the rest, and has made a bit of a name for herself in the process as someone to turn to when something needs doing.
Two years ago, she met a man named Selan, a successful businessman and head of a small group of caravans that traverse Uwran’s northern climes. Selan, upon hearing some of the incredible details surrounding Akorri’s hunt, asked her to deal with a giant tribe who had set up residence along the trail that one of his caravans follows, and had been causing quite a bit of trouble for said caravan. Akorri ventured north to confront the giants, where she met Sebvog Deor, the leader of the small clan of stone giants known as the Deor tribe.
They spoke with Sebvog for quite some time, as drow and stone giants rarely get the chance to interact in the Underdark. Despite the distrust she was first met with on account of her heritage, Akorri managed to convince Sebvog to relocate the tribe to a slightly more remote, more defensible area where the tribe would neither bother others nor be bothered. Akorri returned to Selan, and negotiated to forego her reward in exchange for Selan using his caravans to establish trade with the Deor tribe.
On her way back south, Akorri ran into Ervizut, a scholar studying dragons and draconian culture. Ervizut had been accosted by a small group of bandits led by Farren. After a brief scuffle in which Akorri demonstrated to them their own ineptitude, the bandits fled. Ervizut joined Akorri on her travels for a time, eager to hear her stories about being trained by Hynaphae and fighting against Dusinerth. After some time, Ervizut left for Lekava, promising to aid Akorri should they ever come calling.
While in Merora, Akorri received a letter from Selan, stating that Cormic had recently been sighted in Alamore. After seeing Ervizut off, Akorri made her way out of Merora, only to find herself accosted once more by Farren and his group once more. After a second, similarly brief scuffle, the bandits fled once more, swearing to behave lest they incite Akorri’s wrath. Shaking her head in mild amusement, Akorri set off towards Alamore.

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