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24 / Other / Its Complicated
Hell, Netherlands
What's up you gross perverts? My name is Alena, I go by any pronouns, and I love having fun, as long as it has some story to it that is!

So come visit me in Hell, I'll show you the brighter side of our darker world.

Alena is an Intersex devil, who Owns the Fire and Coles, Bar in the underworld, they find themselves going back and forth between the Upper and Lower World all the time, "Hiring" new workers when some are fired. (literally) Or going to grab some brewing supplies for her special ale, one he invented and perfected over time as he needed a way to pull in new, loyal customers.

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RP with me :/
Mood: blah
1  Sep 18th 2020 23:41

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Hey, I appreciate you accepting my request. Feel free to hmu whenever! I'd love to discuss a roleplay with you.
Sep 16th 2020 17:57