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(Forever Dreaming)
22 / Male / In Love
Virginia - United States
Welcome! This is a multimuse account where I do just about any kind of rp you can think of. Mature content is included in this but it is entirely optional. I just want to write a good story. Canon, original, I do everything. My fancies change often I just don't like making new accounts. Check my blog for ocs, or ask for any I might not have written down yet. I don't often play canon characters but who knows! I might if asked nicely.

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Seriously considering starting a new account.
0  Jan 10th 2021 07:31

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Q. Well this isn't Thomas.... Where's Thomas?!
A. Thomas is a character I made just for our rp.
 Sep 2nd 2018 10:34

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Happy dawning to you as well :)
Dec 20th 2020 14:27

I hope your well
Apr 27th 2020 21:05

Nov 18th 2018 18:30

Felicia simply laughed as she jumped and dodged the webs, landing on all fours on one of the benches. “Oh please. I’m used to Spiders.” She said with a smirk. “Besides. I only steel from people who can afford it...and deserves to be stole from.”
Nov 5th 2018 01:22

Felicia simply grinned when she was stopped in her path. She had a problem with not being worried in situations where she should be. She tilted her head as she huffed with a smirk. “Oh come on.” She saidnwith a grin. “What’s wrong with a girl having a little fun?”
Nov 4th 2018 23:35

I love being friended then immediately unfriended *sarcasm*. Give me a break I'm no good with introductions. Asperger's Syndrome has got me down.
Nov 4th 2018 01:53

Oct 30th 2018 17:56

Are you sure
Oct 21st 2018 18:36

Hey Boo!
Sep 19th 2018 07:30

Aug 29th 2018 15:02