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TheCadet's Blog

- Rules -

- Archie is a marvel oc of mine that can be involved in DC and other superhero verses but I will not interact with furries, WWE, etc

- Archie is not some toy used to pleasure yourself. He’s a person, not property so if he says no, that means no

- Not a fan of smut, if you want to do a plot surrounding that then I’m sorry, you’re out. Romance is fine, just no smut

- Don’t be afraid to send messages, comments, etc. Archie is not shy :))) If you’re new though, just let me know what’s up

- You add, you say hi and vice versa. You don’t say anything in days and I see you’re online, I’ll kick ya out

- One ship at a time folks! So if he’s with someone, don’t ruin his relationship because you want to be with him

- Like most people, I have a life so I won’t be online 24/7, hope you understand

- If you send me a million messages asking where I am and whatnot, I’ll delete you. It’s a pet peeve of mine when people do that

- I use || // and (()) for occ. just wanted to let y’all know!

- Archie will not be altered for your purposes.

- if i deny your request, and you try to add again, I’ll block you.

- If you haven’t read my rules before you started interacting with me, I’ll either unfriend you or block you

- If you read my rules, heart my blog

-More to be added
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