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25 / Male / In a Relationship
Nun ya, California - United States
Hiya loves! Heh i suck at this sh*t. Anyways, i do basically any types of roleplay. I love a good horror story to gore, ero romance. all of it. I have only one limit that i know about so far, but ya gotta pm for it! I prefer mxm. but i will do mxf i just wont do fxf. Also i am the dom. i don't do subs most of the time. unless your really lucky and i like you a lot. anyways. hit me up and hopefully we can make a great story together!

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Hey babes! So since I've been on here I've been having trouble sendin and receivin replys so if possible discord is the best thing for me to be able to communicate with and it's far easier to work with in my opinion anyways here's my discord tag!

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2  Jul 21st 2020 17:54

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