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20 / Male / Single
Mr. What's it to ya, Connecticut - United States
I play female and male characters, to get that out of the way. Think what you will.

I'm here to role-play, that's about it.

Personally prefer detail and realism, so if someone's throat gets cut open in a particularly violent RP and you're squeamish, I'm not your kind of partner.

If your account is dedicated to cracking marbles (male or female)
Do this: F*** off

If you add me, I'm assuming you're gonna message first.

This meme background will likely stay. It's growing on me.

And yes, I have some rules. Don't worry, they're simple enough.

1. Just here for para roleplay or above, that's all.

2. God-Modding (Controlling my character) Don't do this, please.

4. Noticing I skipped a number is against the law in Cyrodil

5. *This type of RP* or -This form of RP- isn't my kind of thing.

6. Don't nag for replies, have patience.

7. Try to have fun and ease up, and don't take that wording to the gutter.

For real though, be casual, it's fine.