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Cadence (Cade) Everdeen

Name: Cadence (Cade) Everdeen

Eyes: The right is pale blue/ the left is an ivory color with flecks of serene silver; scars like cracks of vines radiating out from the peculiar socket. It it perfectly functional; just a simple birth defect from an illness her mother had during the pregnancy.

Skin: Sun tanned; typically, she has a faint pink flush painting her face

Hair: Straight and silky, she is a platinum blonde that extends a little past the back of her shoulder blades. Most times, you will find their hair nestled at the nape of her neck in a chaotic bun.

Species: Symfora (Basically a Human with Natural Born Magick Gifts)

Occupation: Tavern Keeper/ Information Broker

Personality: Cadence is a fairly formal woman; offering smiles and laughter when the situation seems to warrant it. With her closer compatriots, she is bubbly and worse than the Gods of Mischief. Most, however, do not get the chance to see the latter side of her as she is almost constantly busy with her workaholic tendencies. No matter who meets her, however, her immense curiosity shines through.

Skills/Talents: Cadence is what this world calls a Symfora; one who is considered a living war contraption. Most are seized by the Crowns, either disposed of or put to use. Some, however, manage to hide. Cadence is one of those who has managed to hide as her gift is easy enough to hide. Mirror Walking. Any reflective surface; so long as it’s clear and smooth, becomes a sort of portal to any other reflective location she know. She has to be able to fit through. She is able to bring small things through if she clutches them close to her body. Her skills as a Symfora make her an excellent candidate to obtain knowledge most would typically be unable to obtain. Whispers say that if you seek information of any variant, come to the Black Moon Tavern and leave a note beneath the painting of the late Tavern Mistress, and you shall receive that you wish to know… for a certain price. No one knows who the information broker is… not really.

Due to her occupation, she is an excellent cook and housekeeper. Finances are also a forte of hers as she practically runs the Tavern.

Bio: Cadence’s mother died when she was seven summers old due to the plague. Her father fell into a depression and began a career of gambling and money borrowing. The Tavern was barely staying aloft, and Cadence began helping out from a young age. As she grew older, she took over more and more responsibility. Those her father has borrowed money from constantly come and harass the father/daughter duo after hours once a week. At some point in her teen years, her father would always ‘miraculously’ go on an errand whenever they came to collect, forcing her to deal with the men herself. Because of the debts, she became the information broker to pay them off. The Loaner’s are quite satisfied with their business relationship with Cadence. Due to this past, Cadence has trouble relying on others or trusting them with money. She is a penny pincher and a barterer by trade and works tirelessly to keep the family inn afloat. The relationship she and her father is shaky at best. She also has a stark dislike for violence.

Weaknesses: Cadence does not do well with heat nor does she have a skill for personal relations. She has a ridiculous fear of raccoons to the point where she will shriek if she see’s one. She also has a horrible sense of direction and has a hard time finding places if she is not traveling by Mirror. She is leery of Guards and any who serve a Crown due to her Symforic gifts.
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Ehl of the Sheilding Blades

Ehl is two and three summers in age with a peculiar past. The Captain of the Valarian Vanguard took the lass in when she was a wee lass of fourteen summers. A lass who could do more with her peculiar gifts than patch up those unfortunate souls to be mangled in the Hautasian Desert. On that particular occasion, it happened to be the Crowned Prince of Valaria. Originally the resident healer for his Imperial Highness, as many attempts were made upon his life, the Vanguard trained their new recruit. Affectionate, nurturing, and brutal, they worked tirelessly... finding many uses for her gift. Her reign over the element of metal. She become the Shield and Blade of the Crowned Prince, standing on equal footing as the Captain of the Vanguard. Typically cool, collected and ever calculating, she is not a lassy to be trifled. Especially if one is to harm the Crowned Prince or the Vanguard. In such cases... she loses a bit of control... She also happens to be a bit gullible, making her the favorite subject of the Vanguards pranks. The Heavenly King of Valaria has ascended to the Ever Skies. Two factions have risen. One is support of Crowned Prince Asbeth... and another to support his twin sister, Alstera. Riots have begun. Families are splitting. Loyalties will be tested. Betrayal has become a plague. It's a race for the thrown in which the entire kingdom has become involved. But alas... perhaps there is a darker entity at work beneath these games of the Court? Pray tell, my Lords and Ladies. How will our little Champion fair in these dire straights?

Age: 23
Eyes: They shift different metallic collors
Skin: Pale with a silvery sheen
Talents: Manipulation over Metal/ Fixing wounds with the metal in ones blood/ Shifting Eyes
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Edgar Poe

(Edgar Allen Poe. No. Not the gentleman you are thinking of. This particular man has quite a few words to say, thus, I shall allow him from here as he explains his circumstances better than I could ever hope.)

It's easy enough to figure out what kind of people are the people to hang out with in this world. I ain't talkin' about the sorry schmucks that think accepting everything about their 'friends' will make 'em happy. Not the one ones that mimic Disney Princesses or Princes. Nah. I'm talking about reality. The place where everyone looks. Doesn't matter whether it's bred from adoration, hate, or interest. I'm talking about the people that hold power. The ones with money. Talent. Looks. I don't care how pure of soul your sorry ass thinks you are. Everyone, even if it's deep down, wants a taste of it.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interest. I mean, come on. That's how you get places in this society. But there is something a tad more interesting than that. At least to me. Ever since I was a kid, I've had a fascination for cause in effect. A simple action I made could set a million different things in motion all at once. Even if it was a simple suggestion. Talking a bit louder in the presence of someone else. Jut to put an idea in their head.

Eventually this fascination became a game. A helluva fun game too. I could get a girl cheating on her man with a complete stranger with a simple comment passing by. I choose targets. I build them up. I break them down. I wreak havoc in their lives. I become their saving grace. Their daily lives are at the tips of my finger tips... and it is hard to decide what I will do with em'.

A few years back my game leveled up a bit. I started going after the big guns. They guys n' gals that were the biggest fish in the pond. The thrill of almost being caught is addicting. The thrill of a hunt.

Now, don't get me wrong. This shit ain't as easy as I'm makin' it sound. I'm good, but I'm not stupid enough to think I'm the best. People in this line of work like to hide right in front of their target. The hot dog vendor you see every day. The angry business man passing you every day on your way to work. The janitor. The construction worker. The flower girl. We mix and mingle as we see fit until we are sated.

I find the most useful things to have are looks and a silver tongue. That and phenomenal actin' skills. It's an art of seduction. An art that challenges you... but when you make or break someone's life... the reward is so fulfilling.

The name is Edgar. Edgar Poe. Are you laughing? Well, that just tickles me pink, doll. Hey. Let's play a game. Though... I doubt you'll know that you are part of it already...

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Sally Allen

A fiery personality, though, can be quite clumsy.... or so others perceive. In reality, she is quite the mischievous one. Sally, in her early teens, is what many might call 'A Believer.' Vantriluiqy, or the art of making puppets appear to be alive, was quite popular, and Sally happened to have a Vantrilaquest as a neighbor. She was a nice old woman with snow colored hair and cognac eyes. Though, there was something quite special about her puppets. They were quite alive. They also happened to be quite.... unstable, to word it lightly. Sally befriended one of them Mrs. Norton (her neighbor) had named Leonard. She was teased quite often for telling others she was friends with a puppet since a young age. This created a rather large gap between her and the other children. One day, a switch seems to flip in Leonard. Triggered by his 'Mother' Mrs. Norton, he confronts Sally. She accuses his mother of lying. (the argument is not something Sally can readily remember) He kills her with a dull kitchen knife, and yet, something strange indeed occurs. A man clad in shadows appears, and Leonard transforms into a young man as Sally lies there. She caught bits and pieces of the conversation, but only enough to hear "You ended a Believer's Life Light. Now, you will pay the Price." That is when she drifted off. Blood loss, more than likely. However, when she awakens, she has scarcely a scratch upon her. She should be dead, yet... New abilities that are quite handy arise from within her. Controlling living organisms movements... almost as if they were puppets.... Now Sally is on a mission. One to find Leonard and the Shadow Clad Man... by any means necessary.

Age: 19
Eyes: A pretty gun metal blue
Skin: Pale
Talents: Manipulation of Another's Bodily Movements
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Christine Williams

Loyal to a fault with a soft heart, Christine is quite the companion. She has resided with a Pack of Lycen's known as 'the White Fang' since she was a wee lass, grown and raised in their ways. Her gifts make her a rather useful girl. The gift to move things with her mind. Unfortunately, her abilities are more tied to her emotions than she might like, and requires a vast amount of concentration to keep them stable. Her gift becomes quite destructive when emotions run amuck. This champion mainly resides in London a little before the industrial revolution sparked. A curious mind, and a curious heart will surely gain her trouble.

Hair: Rust colored/ mid back/ quite curly
Eyes: soft grey/ slanted a bit upwards
Skin: Pale/ freckles marring her cheeks and nose
Species: Half Human with some demonic lineage
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 140lbs
Gifts: Telekinesis

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