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28 / Male / Single
Kansas - United States

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Just a coincidence. . .
0  3 hours ago

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MAD-BEE asked the question
Q. Hey?
A. Hi
 May 29th 2020 03:34

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Oh I have plenty of ideas. Do you have Discord hun?
May 12th 2020 00:05

If theres anything you want me to change pleasure just let me know.
May 11th 2020 23:51

I completely agree. I've never been in a relationship like this but I am loving it. I love how well everyone gets along.
May 11th 2020 23:19

Well you're here now that's what matters. I'm glad I found you too I absolutely adore our rp.
May 11th 2020 23:05

Hope you boys are around.
May 11th 2020 14:26