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Thatbish_Lucy's Blog

Rp ideas

1: (if you read "vampires pet" by canoness on wattpad you'd know this better) in a world where vampires have taken over humans are allowed to live as long as they fallow vampire law. Once a both, everyone must donate blood, in turn vampires won't slaughter the human race. The land is split into different territories. Each territory ruled by a lord. However some humans are bleeding to be slaves, or pets. Slaves are men and boys who do manual labor and serve beneath whoever owns them feet. Their not meant to be drank from. Pet, is the lowest you can get. They can be bought them taught however there master deems fit. I, am a pet. And I'm bought by a vampire. Right as I thought my life was over, I realized it had begun as my master treated me more and more like an equal over time. (Romance, supernatural, vampireXhuman, anything else you'd like to add lemme know)

2: your afeared warlord. You seek to avenge your family who was slaughtered by the kind and queen of this land unfairly. Eventually, you have your revenge. However one of your soldiers finds the daughter of the king and queen who was hiding. As she is on her knees next to her parents body with your partners blade to her throat, you just can't bring yourself to kill her. So you take her as your slave instead.

3: were part of rival gangs. My father in the gang leader so I'm forced to follow his orders. As I'm on a mission I encounter you on the same mission. After a bit of flirting, and testing each other. I run off with the case you were meant to get. You follow me to the gangs base who is full of guys, much like brothers to me. And your kept for questioning. One thing leads to another and your my partner in crime.

I'll add more rps as I think of more
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