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(Martin Ratowin)
23 / Male / Single and Looking
Texas - United States
Just getting this started, very much W.I.P.

Gonna start writing this bit by bit, might take a while to be compleated ^^'

About me/admin:
-Not my first time here, got bullied out of my last account.
-The first messages I text are always out of character. I am quite obviously not sending "heya" as a starter!
-English is not my first language. Though i am quite proficient with it, I make mistakes, I have typos, I mess up grammer and I sometimes don't know words. We all make mistakes, but I ask that you correct me. Don't be a dick about it, but when you notice I repeatedly make the same mistake or stumble over words quite a lot please let me know! And don't be mad if I do the same, I am not trying to be mean or belittle you, I am trying to teach.
-I don't currently live in the US but in Germany
-I have discord but will not be sharing it publically again. if you want to add me there, ask me or send me your first (prefered)

Please prioritize Response time and interactiveness over reply length.

-Don't be rude
-Don't send messages that are too long, I get overwhelmed by extreme walls of text and might not be able to respond since I just freeze

Character options:

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Latest Status

Hey all, I am temporarily back and will get to as many people as I can in the limited time I have today. I am currently in a very high stress situation and might need some time to get everything back in order, plus, it's my birthday on tuesday so I need to make sure everything there is prepared too. I am sorry if I am unable to respond to you in time, I will be back soon :)
Mood: stressed
4  Jun 22nd 2024 04:34

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