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ThatOneChick2838's Blog

The assassin (In progress)

Name: Raven
Hair: Blonde and wavy reaching shoulders
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'2
Weight: 98 lbs
Build: Slim with 6 pack abs and muscled arms.
Mark(s)/ Scar(s): Scar right side below breast running to her right side.
Tattoo(s): Rose on left hip, Mural of black flowers on right thigh.
-Working: Black strapless dress under a black cloak. Black cloth mask covering lower half of face. Black combat boots
-Casual: White tank top, ripped jeans, black high top boots
-Formal: strapless black dress reaching the floor with a bit of glitter on the top half
-Sleep wear: black shorts and grey tank top

Short bio: Raven was a quiet girl. Hardly noticed. She was usually hired by rich people to have their enemies... Taken care of. Not much is known about her or her heritage. She doesn't even know her last name. When she kills, she gets into her targets head, into their life, then strikes. She is very wanted, and one day, she is found. Her target knew who she was, and overpowered her pressing a blade to her neck before she could go in for her kill. They brought her to the leader (President, king, queen,prince, princess mayor, we can work that out) with the blade still in place.for them to decide what to do with her. Raven attempt to move out of her captives grip, but ended up pushing the blade harder onto her throat, causing her skin to split and bleed. She glared at the leader as the examined her in a slow circle, but she said nothing as she continued her twisting to get her wrists out of her captives grasp

This is where we decide where it should go. They keep her, kill her and role play ends, or, they keep her and torture her. Or, anything you can think up. Let me know!
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The Vampire Prince/Princess

Name:Angelica Agent (French last name)
Eye color: Ice blue
Hair: Dirty blonde, reaching mid back
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110
Build: Slim but slightly muscled
Mark(s)/scar(s): One along the left side of her jaw.
Tattoo(s): 3 black birds on her collar bone, and a detailed but small black rose on her left hip.
origin: Ireland

Short bio: Angelica had been brought up as a commoner in a kingdom run by vampires. She had known this, and tended to spend her time alone as to not draw attention to herself. However, this had the opposite affect as one of the years, she is brought in as a sacrifice for the king/queen.

Now this role play can go many ways. She gets turned into a vampire as the king/queen falls for her, they could have mercy on her and send her back to the village, or keep her as a pet.
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Character: Scarlet Maine

Name: Scarlet Maine
Age: 19
Eye color: Ice blue
Gender: Female
Weight: 100 lbs.
Height: 5"0
Clothes: Black, off the shoulder, top with black pants. Black tennis shoes.
Short bio: Scarlet is very quiet and keeps to herself. She doesn't trust people and may come across as snooty. She is very nice once you can break her shell. She always carry a knife on her thigh.

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Kidnapped Romance

Zarah Adair, 19, was walking alone in the dark dreary streets of Maine when a hand came over her mouth muffling her cry. Zarah was frantic searching the streets for help, but found none. 'This is my end, isn't it?' She thought to herself. She fought against her assailant biting at their hand, making them curse. The hand was removed, but before she could scream or make a run for it, a gag was placed over her mouth. Her eyes quickly covered with a bandanna and her hands bound. Zarah was dragged somewhere, she did not know where as she was blindfolded, and tossed into a room. Her blind fold was removed, but she saw no one. The door opened and a figure left the room. She was now alone in a dark,dank, and windowless room. Panicked, she struggled against her bounds trying to get free.
An hour passed, and Zarah gave up her struggles. She layed her head back onto the wall behind her closing her eyes. That was when the door opened again. The figure was back. Scared of the figures plans, her eyes were wide as she scooted as far back from them as she could, trapped by the wall.

The character details can be figured out before the RP :)
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