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(Elysa Rosales)
25 / Female / Single
Virginia - United States
I love a story with substance, character growth and a bit of romance, I welcome adult themes and love a challenge. I am literate and write comfortably at semi to multiple paragraph length, third person is my wheelhouse but I can do first person as well.

Slice of life stories can be boring so if that's your pitch please bring your A game, if I get bored I will tell you and we can figure out if we can retool it to work or scrap it for something else or just call it. I prefer to play OC's but I am flexible and can play a cannon character for a number of fandoms.

The ads on this site are ridiculous so if you would rather roleplay elsewhere, like discord, hangouts or another outlet let me know.

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So I twisted my ankle while walking my doggo I'm gonna call it a early night sorry, will reply in the morning.
Mood: annoyed
1  Oct 19th 2020 19:56

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