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(Sean MacLeod)
31 / Male / Single
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - United States
Dr. Sean MacLeod...yeah I gave myself the title so suck it. I can tell you more about the ancient world than those pricks at Trinity University ever could.

-Under Major Construction-

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But of course. Of all the bars in Egypt, he had to be in this one. The cologne he wore that lightly tickled her nose lingering in the air as she approached his table.

Sighing to herself, Lara moved through the small crowd of couples dancing to the music the small band played.

He had stolen her map. And she was determined to get it back, one way or another.

"Hello... 'Doctor'."

Lara arched an eyebrow as she greeted the male, amusement lining the self proclaimed title, yet eyes lit with anger.

"I believe you have something of mine?"
Mar 25th 2019 14:55