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((I don't promise Safety))
22 / Female / Forever Alone
Washington - United States
Sup, Punks~.
I have been an active Roleplayer for over 10 years.I'm also pretty open in my role play. Although I prefer paragraph roleplay, I'm really good with any format. All I ask is that some effort is put into grammar. Not perfect but at the least Legible. If I want to stop a roleplay I WILL let you know. If I don't reply for a while, don't worry. You can always nudge me if you are concerned. Sometimes I forget, I get busy with Life or I'm just not in the mood that day.

I don't often roleplay fandoms but I do roleplay them. The fandoms I role play do change from time to time so Ask me first if you want to do a Fandom RP.

I have a lot of characters to chose from so If you find one you like just ask me~! I'm pretty friendly so Shoot me a request anytime.

I have to admit, I am a bit shy. So I am not likely to approach you unless I see you as a good friend.

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Eh, this site is literally the most boring site I been to. I think I'm better off sticking with DA and Instagram. Hell, even the now dead Tumblr is better. Literally any site is better then this one for rp....:/ Kind of a waste of my time. I'm not even going to bother with deactivating this account. I'm just gunna let the six months slide.
Mood: pessimistic
0  Feb 9th 2019 23:14

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