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I will tag them as I come across them.

@mega-goth247 - They decided to not read my rules, and actually believed I would conform to their ‘3rd person only!’ thing. Look, if your profile states you only accept 3rd person perspective from your partner, then WHY ADD ME???

@Will - He is a MEGA pervert! He loves taking advantage of women on here and Discord. LOOK OUT AND STAY AWAY FROM HIM.
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1 | 0 Comments | Aug 31st 2020 20:13


1. I am not selecting your character

2. I do not do 'Fade to black'.

3. She LOVES bad boys/mafia men, so don't think your little angel/good boy will grab her attention then get pissed when she doesn't reciprocate your feelings.

4. I prioritize story-driven RPs on here, so if I don't reply, it is either because I am not really online, or our RP has very little story so is not high on my priority-list.

5. No blocking without reason, and no, not knowing how to reply is not a reason to block someone. We are adults here, act like it.

6. No txt-tlk, that seriously hurts my brain to read. If you have to go, then say so.

7. No replies that consist of only a few words. If you can't give me a decent reply that is at least 3 sentences, than I can't work with that! If you prove you aren't willing to try, I will just abandon you without a second thought.

8. I hate plotting, it takes away my ability to RP properly. I can plot a location but that's it, BUT I love to hear ideas!

9. Just cause it says I am online, doesn't mean I am online, DO NOT SPAM ME.

10. If you got a problem with me, then TELL ME!

11. Due to how she was created, she is sterile, so don't come to me expecting a family, it isn't going to happen.

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20 | 0 Comments | Mar 12th 2020 02:50