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(Tawna Bandicoot)
29 / Female / Single
Ohio - United States
Anybody on my list who blocks/unfriends my creators or my Pinstripe without real reason will not get a word from me. I need to stand by my friends, we are super close.


Adults only, please. I don't want to censor myself.

My creators, @DrNeoCortex and @NitrusBrio

My beloved Pinstripe, I love you, baby! @PinstripedGangster

If you add me, I expect you to send the first message.

I RP in 1st person, but I don't care what perspective you use.

I have about 11 years of experience.

Given her limited appearances, her personality is yet to be deeply explored, but small bits of her personality are known.
In her original appearance in Crash Bandicoot, she seems little more than a damsel in distress, being easily held captive by Cortex and waiting for Crash to save her. Even then, she is shown to be a little more than that, as Cortex considered her to be a replacement as his general after Crash's escape.

In the Crash Bandicoot production bible, her intended personality is described in more detail than what was able to be shown in game. She's described as "the perfect balance between beauty and brains", and is said to have attempted to reason with N. Brio, which could possibly be a reason for his heel-face turn in Cortex Strikes Back. She's also described as inspiring revolution amongst Cortex's minions, which could be a reason for Cortex's lack of henchmen in Cortex Strikes Back (except for N. Gin, who wasn't present in Crash Bandicoot).

In Nitro-Fueled, Tawna is a headstrong, confident bandicoot, willing to do whatever it takes to claim her trophy. She's very self-assured, throwing aside her past as a damsel in distress to do what she really wants. This was also shown to a small extent in the N. Sane Trilogy remake of Crash Bandicoot, where she attempts to fight off Lab Assistants attempting to detain her before being outnumbered, and constantly escapes to meet Crash for the Tawna Bonus Stages before being re-captured by Cortex.

Tawna is significantly taller than Crash, her blonde hair and breast size being based off of celebrity Pamela Anderson. She has orange fur, a peach muzzle, green eyes and a small, blonde tail. Her clothing consists of a rose red sleeveless shirt, blue shorts, red socks and brown sneakers. She also has dull rose eyeshadow, long eyelashes and red lipstick.

In Crash Boom Bang, her shirt was changed to a pink crop top with one sleeve hanging over her shoulder. Her shorts were also made shorter, and her shoes were changed from brown to bright red with white socks. Her eyeshadow was changed to a pale lavender, her ears were made longer, and her muzzle was changed to cream.

In the N. Sane Trilogy and CTR Nitro-Fueled, Tawna's design was reverted to her original design, but with a few changes. Her shirt is now magenta and features white trim and a white outline of Crash's mug, her shorts have become denim with a dark brown belt, and her shoes are now red with white socks. Her design is also altered a bit, having a smaller chest and hip size, and a more proportionate body shape. Her eyeshadow was made a similar shade of magenta to her shirt, and her lipstick was changed to pink.

In the Japanese canon, Tawna leaves Crash for Pinstripe after the first game, as shown in the Japanese Cortex Strikes Back manual and Dansu! De Jump! Na Daibouken. This was never addressed or even implied by Naughty Dog in the western canon. They have never been shown interacting in any games. The only instance of Tawna showing interest in Pinstripe in-game is in the Japanese-developed game Crash Boom Bang!, in which her bio at the character select screen states that she is "crazy about Pinstripe".

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