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So are you
Apr 18th 2021 13:00

I’m waiting on your darling
May 13th 2020 22:43

It’s yah turn
May 4th 2020 23:51

why do you take so long? like damn its not like im asking for novella here...i've held my patience for ages
Apr 30th 2020 23:41

you never replied
Apr 29th 2020 05:42

Apr 12th 2020 22:09

please make a status addressing all your rp partners about your difficulties please. i'm sure you have others like me whom are annoyed in waiting so long.
Mar 29th 2020 17:58

been over a week and no reply
Mar 29th 2020 15:41

Mar 26th 2020 11:20

Mar 25th 2020 10:30