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17 / Male / Single
Old Hickory, Tennessee - United States
I'm a dude who enjoys roleplaying, who is socially awkward and has no idea what he's doing here. I love Halo a lot, and it's my favourite series ever. Lemme know if you wanna play some of that! Or anything else, I guess.

I'm a musician, primarily, and I have a basic understanding of bass guitar, piano, and contrabass. My primary (and most proficient) instrument, however, is the cello. It also happens to be my favourite. Additionally, I'm also into music theory and history, and I really love classical music.

I just like music in general, too. Aside from classical, I also listen to hard rock/metal, Britpop, folk music, rock/classic rock, jazz, Christian contemporary, and electronic music. Oasis is one of my favourite bands ever, but I also like groups such as Coldplay, Daft Punk, M83, Skillet, Shinedown, Metallica, the Fleet Foxes, and more!

Aside from Halo being my primary and favourite series of anything ever, I also like Star Wars, Attack on Titan, Ace Combat, Battlefield, and the Half-Life universe. I'd love to roleplay really any of these, in addition to others; I tend to do a lot of military-based roleplaying, but I'm also open to suggestions!

Also, if I'm ever being too weird or you just don't wanna message me or something, just tell me to muck off and I will. Not looking to make anyone uncomfortable or anything, I just don't know how these places work. Sorry about that.

Also also -- I'm game for romance roleplays or roleplays involving romance, but I'm not here for actual romance. Don't try to get me to date you over the internet. Because it ain't gonna happen. XP

Cheers, and I hope we can get along if we end up talking. :)


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