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Takeo's Blog



Relationship status- Taken by OakLeaf

This OC Belongs to OakLeaf
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Ira(another meaning for wraith )

Race/Species-Alpha Werewolf
Relationship status-None

Personality-Unknown due to the events and trauma of life

Hobbies-Hunting when hungry in the mist of the night

Powers-Elements of Fire-Water-Air-Earth and depending on his recovery could learn more offbranches of elements,The Dominate powers of Control meaning he can control other werewolf at will and the sorts,Ultra rate healing but if the wounds are severe enough they do not heal

Flaws-Due to the trauma he can use his physical abilities but not his powers

Short bio/Background-After suffering the emotional trauma of losing his pack and everyone he held dear to Specially trained werewolf hunters but before he became stuck i his Lycan/humanoid form he slaughter the hunters with his powers and not just a single element but he was known for being special as he controlled the four primary elements Fire-Water-Earth-Air but unable to branch out to other elements like ice and such but after slaughtering them he became trapped and walked into a forest that only one other pack lived and lived in the shadows so not to disturb them (aka in this roleplay your pack

Looks-Seen in the photo
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Name:Takeo (secretly Known As Draconia)
Race: Dragon God
Sex: Male

Age:Considered older than the beginning of all
Languages: All
Sexuality: Straight
Sub/Dom:Full Dom

Likes: Nothing but wishes he could find something
Dislikes: So many things there's too many to count

Relationship Status: Single
Any living family members: None

Bio: WIP

Personality: WIP
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