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(Taehyung )
17 / Male / Engaged
Loving Up On Yoongi, Korea (South)
~People i care about~
@Suga_Kookie- my sweet and very loving fiancé who i love to pieces. Don't touch anything that belongs to me.
@Rosie_Rascal is my cute little princess I’m glad to have a daughter like her
@xKookiex is my bestie
@xUTOPIAx my sister I’m very protective over.
@Loststars- is my twin brother and I love him deeply.
@PeachyJimin- my big brother I care about alot

Latest Status

Sighs so lonley
2  Apr 18th 2019 21:00

Latest Comments

Apr 13th 2019 00:45

"Y-yes daddy. Yoonie will be a good boy."
Apr 13th 2019 00:42

*I pout more and hide my face in the couch not saying anything as I let you do as you please*
Apr 13th 2019 00:38

*I count softly as I whine a few times not liking the burning sensation in my ass*
Apr 13th 2019 00:34

I gulp but nod looking at you with eyes full of sorrow before I pull my pants and boxers down slowly bending over your lap
Apr 13th 2019 00:28

Either is fine with me
Apr 13th 2019 00:21

I-I knows...
Apr 13th 2019 00:16

Apr 12th 2019 23:46

I love you so so much too
Apr 12th 2019 23:40

You make me so very happy I love you with every cell in my body.
Apr 12th 2019 23:39