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Latest Questions

VELVETT asked the question
Q. Because of things
A. It's okay baby, don't be nervous
 Feb 18th 2021 14:11

VELVETT asked the question
Q. I’m so nervouss
A. Why beautiful
 Feb 17th 2021 19:18

Latest Comments

18 hours ago

I miss you husband
Jun 4th 2021 00:25

not a problem, bro. I know how long you've waited to start your own little family. <3
May 5th 2021 18:05

congrats on your baby news, bro! <3
Apr 14th 2021 22:28

I love you so much more
Mar 6th 2021 16:39

Me neither husband <3 you’re the only thing that matters ❤️
Feb 27th 2021 01:19

My husband forever. Still don’t believe it you know?
Feb 24th 2021 18:51

I know baby <3
Feb 18th 2021 14:10

I love you so much
Feb 17th 2021 03:40

Feb 16th 2021 19:41