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(Thor Odinson)
117 / Male / Broken Hearted
Tonsberg, New Asgard - Norway
These hands were once used for battle...
now they're but humble tools for peace.

I want to choose my own path, live in the moment.
My Super Hero-Ing days are over.

Latest Status

"Just to set the record straight..."
4  Jun 27th 2022 00:48

Latest Questions

Q. Trinity tapped on the gods shoulder. "Uh...large man...are you Thor?"
A. Thor turned to face the young woman, smiling uncertainly. "Of course, m'lady. And you are?"
 Jun 30th 2022 23:21

Latest Comments

"Hello Thor. Long time no see."
22 hours ago

Mystique then smirked. "You flatter me, most of your kind wouldn't think that as much. Where I am from? That's a good question. But I was born 120 years ago in my time."
Jun 26th 2022 11:49

"What's a Jotunheim?" Her eyes shifted.
Jun 26th 2022 00:10

“Hello Thor. Yes, honored to meet you. I consider you my nephew, just as your father was.” He smiled kindly. They were related. He was always happy to meet family.
Jun 25th 2022 22:43

Hello. I am Njord Burison. Pleased to meet you. I trust we will get to know each other.
Jun 23rd 2022 10:25