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(Luna Rose)
22 / Female / Single
United States
        ♡♡       ▌ Life is not what happened back there or                 what might happen up ahead. Life is like the                 rhythm of the heart — every breath, every                 blink of the eye. It is beat by beat, moment by                 moment. This…is all there is. This…is all we                 need. - Andy Puddicombe

Luna Rose || 22 years old ||Single
▌Tattoos and piercings || Friendly -▌            ♡♡

                 ↛ Credit Profile and Bio: @MILKYWAY

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Good morning world ☀️
1  11 minutes ago

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MILKYWAY asked the question
Q. whats up XD
A. Nothing
 14 hours ago

MILKYWAY asked the question
A. Yes but you get all the D
 Feb 17th 2020 18:33

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Hey gorgeous! <3
Let's roleplay? *-*
Feb 17th 2020 17:03