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(Synn City)
19 / Female / Single
Virginia - United States
●THIS IS NOT A FURRY ACCOUNT●(I do however have characters for certain friend's I rp with)

~Issa wave you headasses. -Synn~

Lmaoo really though, hello and welcome to the S-wave where you're gonna learn all about me.
First of all I'm 18 and gaaayyyyyy asf.
And that's all you need to know. ^-^


1:I tend to curse a lot, so if you want to do an rp, and this bothers you, please speak to me directly about it.

2:NO ONE LINERS, I literally can't stress how much I hate this- need detail and variety in my life..

3:I have a life outside this site, which means if you've sent your response and I don't respond within 2-3 days, please feel free to spam the living hell out of me.

4:If my response to our rp has been sent and I do not hear from you within 3-4 days you will be deleted from my friend list. :( But feel free to add me back, I don't hold grudges, I understand you have a life as well but I do like to keep things consistent.

5:I do all kinds of rp's don't be afraid to throw out any suggestions, but be realistic, don't just start making up crazy sh*t and expect me to be okay with it.(Ex: My character rapes yours and we have to go find the key to Azarath Metrion Zinthos.)

6:If you request an rp with me please have an idea(s) and character(s) ready, if you have trouble I will be more that likely to help out in anyway I can.

7:For any Ero. Rp's you must be 17+

8:Pleeeaasseee, please, please use proper grammar during the rp, no text talk, slang is okay only if the characters are interacting (verbally), punctuation in correct places(commas, periods ect.), as well as capitalization where it's needed. I'm not a huge spelling person but a pretty big one none the less, I understand we all make mistakes now and then, but if it's all the time it'll make it harder for me to understand you, and it won't pan out well. So of you have trouble spelling, and you are aware of this, please take it upon yourself to choose someone else to do rps with.

9:NO GOD MODDING! (Ex. Killing off my player(s)and/or making them do actions without my consent)

10:Choose your own character(s) and I will choose mine. Point. Blank. Period.

That's all for now happy rping!

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Q. Did i lose you?
A. Yeah, I'm just gonna be honest with you, I had no idea how tf to respond it's been a minute since I've done fantasy and whatever book/movie/show you're pulling this from, I haven't seen.
 Apr 14th 2019 02:00

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